Princeton University Press, 2011


`A delightfully written and philosophically ambitious book.` -- Ethics


`Troy Jollimore`s Love`s Vision is a compelling response to the debate regarding the rationality of love. Its easy style combines readability with thorough argumentation. Its most appealing and original feature is the challenge it poses to traditional conceptions of rationality, which tend to simply equate it with a disengaged, impartial stance.` -- Philosophical Quarterly


`In Love's Vision, Troy Jollimore charts a middle-course, seeking to present a moderate rationalism about love that captures key advantages of this tradition, like explaining the fact that we find ourselves attracted to people because of various traits they have, while acknowledging some of the core features of the anti-rationalist tradition, such as its insistence on emotional engagement. The result is an insightful and stimulating overview of the philosophy of love that it is easy to recommend.` -- Journal of Moral Philosophy


`In the elegantly written Love`s Vision, Troy Jollimore offers a novel way to understand romantic love. His book draws upon a vast body of philosophical literature on the nature of love, but it is easily accessible for those without a background in philosophy. It is full of useful examples from literature, film and music, and is compelling and fun to read. . . . Jollimore offers fresh insight into a topic that philosophers have been grappling with at least since Plato.` -- Journal of Applied Philosophy


`What we find in Troy Jollimore`s Love`s Vision is a thoroughly untimely reflection upon a time-honored (and time-honed) topic that holds out hope against such an attitude, encouraging instead a view of love that leaves room for morality, rationality, and truth, while largely conceding the fraught nature of each one of these terms.` -- Dylan Montanari, Los Angeles Review of Books


`My enthusiasm for the text should . . . be clear. I like the content, I like the way it's put together. . . . [This is] a fine book which . . . deserves a readership well beyond the ranks of those with a special interest in analytic philosophy of love.` --Tony Milligan, Kings College London


`Assuredly is one of the finest contributions to the philosophical literature on personal (esp. romantic) love. . . . Recommended without hesitation.` -- Neil Delaney, University of Notre Dame


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