S Y L L A B U S  O F  E R R O R S



Princeton Series of Contemporary Poets, 2015


Selected as one of the best poetry books of 2015 by the New York Times. `Jollimore's third collection is intelligent, soulful and amusingly self-aware.` --David Orr, NYT


`Thanks be to the powers of serious play. Rueful, resourceful, witty, and tender, Troy Jollimore's poems are at once a triumph of virtuosity and an extraordinary tribute to the amplitude of the human heart. Tonic in their clarity of means, joyful in their engagement with form, they also bespeak the rigor of a philosophical mind. I know no living poet who has been able to pursue such large ambitions with so transparent an instrument.`--Linda Gregerson, author of Prodigal: New and Selected Poems, 1976--2014


Jollimore `delivers philosophical ideas through beautifully crafted language . . . leaving the reader with the impression that the poet possesses some deeper secret than any quick read could reveal.`(Publishers Weekly)


`One is captivated by Jollimore`s unapologetic embrace of complex thought, of humor, doubt and praise.`-- Meryl Natchez, Zyzzyva



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