My main research interest is knot theory. More specifically I am interested in exceptional Dehn fillings of pretzel knots and approach this problem from the perspective of 3-dimensional geometric topology.

Recently, I have broadened my research interests through projects undertaken with my students. For more about this look here.

Working under the supervision of Dr. Steven Boyer, I completed my Ph.D. thesis in June 2000. My dissertation is titled The Culler-Shalen seminorms of pretzel knots (ps) (pdf)

Dr. John McKay supervised my master's research in computational algebra. Have a look at my thesis, The computation of Galois groups over function fields. (ps) (pdf)


Most of my papers are available through the ArXiv. Here are a few things you won't find there.

Chico Topology Conference

Since 2008 I have been the organizer of the Chico Topology Conference, held in the spring of even years. For more information about the conference, look here.