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Advising Intern
Bert is a first-generation student from Orland, California. He transferred from Butte Community College in 2015 and graduated in 2018 with a BA in History with a Pre-Credential option. He is currently in the Social Science Master’s Program. He initially wanted to become a high school history teacherbut while working for Summer Orientation, he developed a passion for higher education and working with college student populations. Bert has lots of family here at Chico State including a brother pursuing a History degree, a cousin pursuing a MA in Social Work, and a little sister in the process of transferring - a wildcat family through and through! During his undergrad, he was involved in intramural sports and was an officefor the Chico State Barbell club. So, you could say he's a history buff, literally, and figuratively. After completing his MA, his goal is to pursue a career in higher education and student affairs.
Portrait of Bert