Academic Advising Programs

Academic Disqualification

As an undergraduate student on academic notice, you may be subject to academic disqualification based on your GPA and class level. If disqualified, you will not be allowed to attend the University for at least one year. You are not eligible to take courses at Chico State through regular enrollment while academically disqualified. 

Disqualification GPA Ranges

Below are the minimum GPA requirements by class level to avoid entering disqualification range:

  • Freshman (0-29 Units)  -  1.50
  • Sophomore (30-59 Units)  -  1.70
  • Junior (60 - 89 Units)  -  1.85
  • Senior (90+ Units)  -  1.95

Important Note: Your class level is based on the total (cumulative) number of units you have completed.

Recently Disqualified?

  1. Check your email for an invitation to a Disqualified - What's Next? workshop. 
  2. Review our Reinstatement to the University page for important deadlines and information.
  3. Meet with an academic advisor to discuss your individual situation.

Open University at Chico State

The only way to improve your Chico GPA while disqualified is by taking courses through Open University. As a disqualified student you must get the courses you plan to take through Open University approved by an advisor in Academic Advising Programs. In order to avoid long wait times in the first weeks of school, we recommend you seek initial approval prior to the first week of the semester.