Advising at CSU, Chico

Academic Advising Program Offerings

  • Major and minor exploration
  • Undeclared major advising
  • General education course planning
  • Understanding graduation requirements
  • GPA advising (including Academic Probation)
  • Navigating policies, requirements, and opportunities

Dual Advising System

CSU, Chico utilizes a dual advising system to help you graduate on time! Undergraduate students are provided support through the Academic Advising Programs office as well as a major department advisor. While Academic Advisors help answer questions regarding GE, campus policies and procedures, and general University questions, your major department advisor can help with questions regarding major coursework, internships, and course substitutions.

Degree Progress Report (DPR)

Academic Advising can help you understand and use your DPR, including completion of GE, major/minor coursework, and other graduation requirements.

Advising Expectations

Students can expect their advisor to: listen and respond to their interests and concerns; accept them as a unique person; be reasonably accessible; know policies, procedures, requirements; and, know where to find appropriate information and resources for your academic life and goals.