Dream Center Staff

Meet Our Dream Center Staff

Photograph of Elizabeth Elizabeth “Elli” R. Alaniz 
Dream Center Coordinator  

The Dream Center means so much to me on so many levels. I have supported undocumented students in higher education for many years. I can now refer students to a physical place where they can get help and get their questions answered from an entity on campus that knows how to help them.  Being a part of the Chico State Dream Center family means I have the privilege to work with and support students who have already broken so many barriers just to be here. Together we learn, we grow, and we spread the knowledge to the campus community on how to best support undocumented students.    

Photograph of Aldo Aldo
Student Intern Advisor 

My name is Aldo Cruz Vazquez and I am an Anthropology major with a minor in health promotion. My career goal is to become a cultural broker to assist ethnically diverse communities obtain access to resources.  I am honored to work at the Dream Center and champion for inclusion and assist with awareness that the undocumented community share beautiully diverse identities such as being women, Black and people of color, dissabilities, and LGBTQ+ among other identities. My passion is to promote awareness and a safe environment, and the Dream Center provides just that. 

Photograph of Karen Cruz Karen 
Front Desk Reception

My name is Karen Cruz Solache and my major is Exercise Physiology with a minor in Nutrition. I am pursuing a career path in the medical field. After obtaining my bachelors my goal is to apply to a nursing program or a PA program. Since my freshman year I have been committed in making a change for our undocumented students on campus. During my sophomore year I initiated a committee to write a proposal for a Dream Center at Chico State which was later approved. I choose to work at the Dream Center because this cause has been very dear to my heart and it’s something I am very passionate about.

Photograph of Lorena Lorena 
Student Intern Advisor   

My name is Lorena E. Velazquez Magdaleno; my major is Bilingual Liberal Studies with a minor in Spanish. My goal is to obtain my master’s degree in sociology and become a professor. As a professor, I will contribute to the diverse education students will be receiving. By working at the Dream Center, I am helping create a better understanding of our undocumented community as well as advocate for them. Advocating for diversity and disadvantaged communities is my passion, and being a part of the Dream Center a dream come true.