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Advanced Manufacturing and Applied Robotics

Manufacturing in the age of information and technology bears little resemblance to the assembly lines of yesteryear. Rather than being loud, dirty, and heavily reliant on manual labor, today’s modern manufacturing environment is clean, quiet, and automated with robots and purpose-built machines handing repetitive tasks with speed and precision.

With the advent of Industry 4.0, today’s manufacturing workforce needs cutting edge skills in automation, sensing, programming, and robotics. Manufacturers also covet employees with knowledge and skills in project management, communication, leadership, and business economics.

This unique multidisciplinary program, rooted in hands-on technology education, ties together an understanding of the challenges and opportunities that modern manufacturing faces in creating tomorrow's industry leaders.

The program is built on a foundation of lower-division math, science, economics, business, and fundamental manufacturing concepts. Upper-division classes integrate that foundation into a unified body of knowledge with three primary areas of emphasis as applied to manufacturing:

  • Robotics and automation
  • Materials and manufacturing processes
  • Business, communication, and management

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Advanced Manufacturing and Applied Robotics Program

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O'Connell Technology Center, Room 419

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