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California State University, Chico

Liberal Studies

The Liberal Studies Program educates high-quality professionals to have a strong knowledge base of multiple disciplines and the experiential background in order to teach in the following school settings: elementary, bilingual Spanish elementary, self-contained classrooms, and special education K-12. It is designed to provide students with a broadly based interdisciplinary degree which includes coursework in English, history, science, math, visual and performing arts, human development, and social sciences.

The program is built upon four cornerstones of social and eco-justice, scientific thinking and integrative reasoning skills, best practices in teaching, and field experiences.

It offers four options within the major:

Credential programs in California require proof of subject matter competence. This competence is demonstrated by receiving a degree in Liberal Studies at Chico (an approved waiver program) and by submitting an Elementary Subject Matter waiver letter of subject matter completion with your application to a credential program.

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