Chico Adelante Program


UNIV 250: Beyond the Bachelor's Degree: Preparing for Graduate School

2 units, credit/no credit

Monday, 4-5:50 pm

Room Art 111

Course Description:
This coursesupportsundergraduatestudentsin the guided exploration of graduate school opportunities and pathways. Specifically,thecourse (1) buildsstrongacademic supportfor studentstoensure preparation for post-baccalaureate work, (2) exposesstudents to graduate degreesthatalign withan array ofcareer paths,(3) provides insight into educational access and equity and the broad range of post-baccalaureatefunding opportunities,and (4) promotesa sense of belongingthrough peer support and participation in a community of learners.

Thecourse includesworkshops, presentationsfrom campus experts, learning activities,and discussions based on weekly topics and supplemental readings.


Student Learning Outcomes
  1. Students will understand the types of graduate school opportunities in their field of interest and produce a roadmap to apply to graduate school.

  2. Students will build a strong sense of academic belonging by (a) analyzing their intersectional identities, skills, talents, and passions, and (b) connecting them to their educational goals.

  3. By completing financial literacy workshops, students will be able to describe basic issues in educational access and equity, and understand the broad range of funding opportunities for graduate school.

  4. By attending research-focused workshops, students will understand standard research methodologies, develop scholar identity, and explore research opportunities.

  5. Students will be able to identify academic, financial, and emotional support resources around campus.

  6. Students will be able to identify and challenge the Imposter Syndrome and its impact on their academic professional, and personal success.

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