Applications and Data Services

Procedural Documents

Procedural documents and links on this web page are focused upon guiding campus Application Developers, Maintainers, and Data Users as to how they can implement the polices and standards overarching the University.  Many of the policies are derived from the Integrated California State University Administrative Manual (ICSUAM)(opens in new window).

Application Technical Specification Template

The Application Technical Specification Template will help implement several of the policy sections within the ICSUAM 8070.00 (PDF).

The Application Technical Specification is focused upon the technical aspects such as architecture, database tables/objects used, source code location, service accounts used, and security methods utilized.  A completed document can then be utilized as a way to educate other developers that need to maintain the system in the future, so there are some high level functional user aspects in the document that are important as well.

Download the Application Technical Specification Template here (DOC).

Release Management Plan and Summary

Applications that are developed or maintained by Applications and Data Services will release updates and modifications to production systems on Tuesday’s of each week provided that the user has signed-off on the changes by the close of business the prior Friday or sooner.  It is our intention to control the flow (amount) of deliverable items and to ensure high quality products and documentation are produced.  With a release management plan we believe these intentions can be met on a regular basis.

For additional details of the ADS Release Management Plan please view the following document for definitions and a summary of the process:  ADS (Web) Release Management Plan  (PDF)