Applications and Data Services

Training Guides

Applications and Data Services (ADS) is maintaining a public wiki page and a list of links for training staff and student programmers both on new applications and on standardized processes.  On this web page you will find what we consider to be helpful to the general application development community on campus as well as campus data users.  We welcome your feedback on this and any page within the ADS site.

All Things Github

All Things Github is a wiki page maintained by the ADS team.  The wiki page will help campus developers setup and utilize Github as a tool for source code storage and retrieval.  Begin with the ADS GitHub Workflow Overview, then view the child pages to help with setup and usage.

Developer Training

The ADS team has created a focused list of links for new developer training. Content is mostly centered on the .NET and MVC frameworks. We will continue to grow this listing as we look to incorporate security training and awareness links as well.

MVC and a Local NuGet Feed

ADS is in the process of creating common code repositories for use in applications to help rapid and standardized development.