Applications and Data Services

Requesting Services & Support

Applications and Data Services (ADS) serves a wide customer base across the campus with a general focus upon the administrative needs of campus departments.

ADS maintains over 100 campus developed applications and 60 vendor purchased applications, as well as, the data integration services required to keep them all synchronized with accurate information. The ADS department oversees multiple reporting systems and processes that connect to the various campus data systems

The preferred method of communication to request a service is to send an e-mail to IT Support Services (ITSS) at This will allow for tracking and means of communication workflows to be triggered to ensure your needs are addressed in a responsive manner.

In the request, please be clear and concise as to the Application Name and the task you need support with.  Screenshots and additional direction are always appreciated, but please consider the content you are sending if the data is confidential in regards to CSU data privacy classifications before attaching to the e-mail service request.  Additional data can always be obtained later if data should be kept confidential.

ITSS will create a ticket on your behalf and will assign to the ADS department for resolution.

Campus Reporting and Analytics

Request Report Access, Creation, or Modification(opens in new window)

Existing Business Applications Support
i.e. Insight, AgileGrad, AMI, or any other ADS managed applications

Request Support for Existing Business Applications(opens in new window)

New Business Application
To request any new applications to be developed by ADS

Request a new Business Application(opens in new window)

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