University Advancement

Chico State Fund and Calling Center

Your gift to the Chico State Fund benefits students immediately by supporting our highest priorities and most critical needs. Giving to the Chico State Fund advances academic excellence in many ways, such as funding scholarships, retaining and recruiting superb faculty, and sustaining innovative academic and community enrichment programs.

Nearly 6,000 individuals provide annual support to the Chico State Fund.

Make a gift to the Chico State Fund online(opens in new window) or explore other ways to give.

Chico State Calling Center

Located in Sapp Hall, the Chico State Calling Center runs CSU, Chico's phonathon. The phonathon generates the largest support for the Chico State Fund. The center is primarily staffed by our best and brightest students, who are dedicated to the mission of Chico State. The Chico State Calling Center speaks with more alumni and parents than any other entity on campus.

  • Each year the Chico State Calling Center makes more than half-a-million phone calls and has more than 40,000 conversations with alumni, parents, and friends of the university.
  • Since 1995, the Chico State Calling Center has generated an estimated $7.08 million in donations to the University.
  • Since 1995, the Chico State Calling Center has generated over 110,000 pledges from alumni, parents, and friends of the University.
  • About 90 percent of donors to the University donate through the phonathon.

Student Callers

Adam Lew
Adam Lew

Junior, Math Education, Sunnyvale, CA

"My favorite part of being a student caller is being able to give back to the University. I also enjoy working with such a positive group of people who are very outgoing and passionate about what they do. I’ve received various job offers from prospective donors I’ve spoken to."
Kristen McAtee
Kristen McAtee

Junior, Liberal Studies, San Diego, CA

"Being a student caller is my personal attempt to make up, to some extent, the losses from recent budget cuts. I am able to absorb a lot of information and tips for the future from conversations I have with alumni and parents who currently work within the teaching community."
Stephen Kelley
Stephen Kelley

Junior, Mechanical Engineering, Livermore, CA

"On an everyday basis, I feel that I am making a huge difference for the University and the experience of the students by collecting funds to continue useful services, such as the tutoring assistance offered through the Student Learning Center."