University Advancement

Thank You Letters

Students who receive a scholarship are asked to write a thank you letter to the donor(s) who made their scholarship(s) possible. Writing a letter that acknowledges how your donor is supporting your education and dreams allows them to personally see how their gift is helping you and other Chico State students succeed. And it’s good manners!

Sample Letter

The content of your letter should include the following sections:

The salutation should be formal and use the donor's full name.


Dear [Donor Name],

The introductory paragraph should outline why you are writing the thank you letter. Be sure to include the name of the scholarship and explain why you appreciate the donor's contribution toward your education.

As a recipient of the [Scholarship Name], I wanted to express my gratitude for… [explain what makes you grateful].

The second paragraph is an opportunity to tell the donor more about yourself. You can tell them why you chose to attend Chico State and your current field of study or area of interest, as well as what your hobbies, interests, and future goals are.

I am from Southern California and chose to attend Chico State because of the small college town environment and the outstanding Computer Science program. I received my first computer at the age of 8 and immediately dismantled it to figure out how it worked. After spending several years experimenting with this hobby and gradually becoming more competent with programming languages, I decided that pursuing Computer Science at Chico State was the next logical step. I am involved in Upsilon Pi Epsilon- the computer science honor society, and volunteer with C.A.V.E. at the Chico Boys and Girls Club where I help students with their homework.

The final paragraph should wrap-up the letter and once again thank the donor.

Again, please accept my sincere gratitude for your contribution toward my education. Chico State is fortunate to have altruistic people like you who are committed to helping students like me achieve our goals.


[Recipient Name]