Masters in Agricultural Education

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why should you consider the online Master of Science in Agricultural Education from CSU, Chico?

    The online Master of Science in Agricultural Education from CSU, Chico offers a unique approach to a graduate degree. The degree option allows students to complete a Master of Science degree by distance education, offering professional educators the opportunity to be employed full time while completing the degree and prevent excess travel. Additionally, the degree offers students the opportunity to receive a degree from CSU, Chico, but also access experts in agricultural education from across the nation through the AG*IDEA consortium.

  • Who should apply for this degree program?

    The master’s degree in Agricultural Education is open to anyone who has completed a bachelor’s degree in agricultural education, agriculture, or an agricultural related field. However, the program is targeted to meet the needs of secondary agricultural education teachers who wish to complete a master’s degree beyond the credential process. The master’s in Agricultural Education does not provide or substitute for the teaching credential process.

  • How do I apply?

    Apply online at Cal State Apply(opens in new window). For more information about the application and enrollment process, visit our application process page.

  • When do I apply?

    Application times will occur during the spring semester, and students will begin courses in the fall semester. Check important dates and deadlines for more information.

  • What will the program cost?

    Course fees are established by the AG*IDEA consortium and are subject to change. As of Fall 2019 they are $580 per unit. 

  • How do I pay for classes?

    Payment for course work is made through the Office of Regional and Continuing Education at CSU, Chico. There are three ways to pay.

    • Call 530-898-6105 to pay with Visa or Mastercard
    • Send a Check to:
      Center for Regional & Continuing Education
      400 West First Street
      Chico, CA 95929-0250
    • Pay in person at our Chico State office. Cash payments are also accepted when paying in person.
  • How long does the degree take to complete?

    The time may vary depending on units transferred towards the degree requirements and the number of courses in which students enroll each semester. Most graduate students can complete an online program in two years.

  • How do I decide what classes to take?

    The course requirements for the CSU, Chico master's degree are outlined under Program Requirements. Graduate students may transfer up to 9 units into the degree program. Units must be evaluated and approved by the COA’s graduate coordinator before being applied to the program.

  • Can I qualify for financial aid?

    Most graduate students are eligible to receive student loans, although scholarship opportunities are rare. Student loans may be obtained through completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid(opens in new window) (FAFSA), available through the Financial Aid office.

    Graduate students must enroll in a minimum of 4 semester units each semester in which they receive financial aid if they apply for student aid through FAFSA.

    Additionally, some private banks offer student loans for graduate students.

    An opportunity for a grant may also exist through the new Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant Program. This program is available for selected post baccalaureate and master’s programs and plans in education. It is NOT available to undergraduates. The TEACH Grant is actually a grant/loan combination that requires a TEACH Grant Agreement to Serve (ATS), as the grant will convert to unsubsidized loan in the future if contracted teaching obligations are not met. If this happens, interest accrual will be effective as of the date of the first TEACH disbursement.

    The TEACH grant is not included in financial aid offers but can be offered retroactively to eligible students during the award year. Specific eligible education programs have been determined in conjunction with the College of Communication and Education.

    Eligibility for the TEACH Grant will be determined by CSU, Chico, using criteria established by the U.S. Department of Education.

  • Will I have an advisor?

    The COA’s MS program coordinator will serve as the advisor. Together, the graduate student and advisor will establish a degree plan that will outline courses and the culminating experience.

    What culminating activity is required for the degree?

    There are three options for completing the culminating activity required for the master’s degree in Agricultural Education:

    Thesis option: Students may select to complete a master’s thesis with the agreement of the student’s graduate advisory committee. This option requires the application of research in a traditional thesis proposal. Students must follow the requirements outlined for the Thesis Plan in the Agricultural Education Graduate Handbook.

    Cumulative Exam: A formal examination comprised of content across the student’s course of study shall be prepared by the graduate advisory committee. The graduate advisory committee will consist of the Master’s Degree Program Director and two other graduate faculty members suggested by the graduate student. With permission of the MS program director, faculty members from AG*IDEA consortium universities may be used as members of the graduate committee. The exam will include a six-hour written comprehensive examination and a one-hour oral review of the written exams.

    Culminating Project: The culminating project should reflect applied research to address a problem or specific need experienced by the graduate student. For example, a project may include a proposal for a new high school course, including the appropriate research necessary to document the need for the proposed class. The comprehensive project will be reviewed and shall be graded as credit/no credit.

  • When can I take classes?

    Courses will be offered through CSU, Chico and the AG*IDEA Consortium each semester. Typically, graduate students apply in the spring semester and begin taking classes in the summer.

  • How many classes can I take each semester?

    Graduate students are required to enroll and complete at least one class each semester. However, students should consider student loan requirements, which typically require enrollment in 6 units (2 courses) each semester.

  • Do I need to take classes every semester?

    Students pursuing a masters degree must enroll each semester until the degree is awarded. For more information about the continuous enrollment requirement, please visit the University Catalog

  • What if I need to drop a course?

    Enrollment and dropping courses are coordinated through the Office of Regional and Continuing Education.

    The Special Session page on the RCE website contains the appropriate Add/Drop Form. Look under the Drop section.