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David A. Daley

Farm Administrator

Personal Information

Dave Daley currently serves as  administrator for the Paul L. Byrne Memorial University Farm.  Dr. Daley has conducted an active, applied research program, receiving the first ARI (Agricultural Research Initiative) grant in 1997.  Since that time, he has served as P.I. or co P.I. on over $5 million in grants.  Dave’s research interest are varied but have focused primarily on the application of technology to the cattle industry, coupled with a strong emphasis on utilization of alternative feedstuffs.  He has conducted a major national study on the utilization of DNA fingerprinting in genetic improvement with industry collaborators like Harris Ranch;  significant work on the use of electronic identification (RFID) in national animal identification;  leadership in animal disease traceability at the national level; extensive work in the economic impacts of crossbreeding; and a multi-year on-going project with Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. on the utilization of brewery byproducts  as a livestock feed. With Sierra Nevada’s  collaboration and resources, the research has utilized waste products and closed the loop with the production of a local product (beef) for the Sierra Nevada Taproom and Restaurant.  More important to Dr. Daley than the research component with Sierra Nevada has been the involvement and education of undergraduates at the University Farm as a result of this research.

More recently, Dr. Daley has become actively involved in animal welfare, conducting research on non-ambulatory cattle, while serving in a leadership role both in California and nationally on improving animal welfare practices.

In addition to his research, Dr. Daley has been very active in campus and community service, being honored as Outstanding Academic Advisor and spending countless years on multiple University-wide committees.  Dave was nationally recognized with the continuing service award from the Beef Improvement Federation  in 2009,  is past-president of Butte County Cattlemen; active in land use issues for the Farm Bureau and cattlemen;  technical advisor to other livestock groups, member of the UC Animal Welfare Task Force, and statewide co-chair of the Animal Welfare Task Force for California Cattlemen.  He also serves as advisor to the YCA (Young Cattlemen). In 2012, Dave was recognized as Member of the Year by the Butte County Farm Bureau for his contributions to agriculture and received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Research and Sponsored Programs at CSU, Chico.


  • AGRI 180 - The University Experience
  • AGRI 301 - California Agriculture Seminar
  • AGRI 482 - Agricultural Systems and Issues
  • ANSC 301 - Intermediate Animal Systems
  • ANSC 471 - Advanced Beef Science

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