College of Agriculture

Kate Moore


Personal Information

Kate was raised in Richvale, California on an organic rice farm. Her family has been involved in agriculture since they migrated to the United States from Sweden. She began her love of agriculture production from a very early age. She was active in 4-H and horse training as a young girl. After she graduated high school, Kate attended Butte College. She began to travel internationally to Mexico and Africa during her summer vacations. She experienced the impact of agriculture education on developing nations and knew that she had to complete a degree in agriculture. Her passion for agriculture education motivated her to pursue her animal science degree at California State University, Chico. Mrs. Moore completed her undergraduate degree in 2012.

Kate recently completed her MS degree in Agriculture Education at CSU, Chico. She currently instructs the ANSC 101 course and assists with a variety of courses at the college alongside faculty. Kate conducts research during her spare time. She is currently working on redesigning courses to further improve student engagement, comprehension, diversity, and implement modern teaching methods. She hopes to continue teaching and pursuing her PhD in the future.


  • PSSC 101 – Plant Science Lab
  • ANSC 101 – Introduction to Animal Science
  • ANSC 230 – Feeds and Nutrition Lab
  • ANSC 330 – Animal Nutrition Lab 
  • AGRI 305 – Agricultural Genetics Lab

Research and Professional Interests

Mrs. Moore’s research interests center on by-product supplementation on livestock performance. She wants to incorporate her research into her teaching efforts and third world development. She believes in hands on learning and investing in a generation of students that will enhance the future of agriculture in our nation. She is active in research competitions throughout the state. Kate participates in research projects at various units of the University Farm. She is currently working to publish the research that was completed for her degree at CSU, Chico.

Kate has begun to explore curriculum and student demographics within the CSUC College of Agriculture. It is her desire to create curriculum that will engage the next generation of men and women that will invest in the agriculture industry. 

Service to College, University, and Community

Mrs. Moore serves on numerous college events throughout the year. She is an advocate of connecting freshman students to resources, professors, and opportunities that will help enhance their college experience. She can be found volunteering at a variety of projects within the community of Chico. 

Portrait of Kate Moore