College of Agriculture

Celina Phillips


Personal Information

Celina was raised in Fallon, NV on a small purebred cattle and alfalfa hay operation where she was active in both 4-H and FFA. Upon graduation from high school, Celina attended Modesto Junior College and was a member of a nationally winning livestock judging team. Celina completed her undergraduate degree (Agriculture, Option in Animal Science) at California State University, Chico in May of 1996.

She moved to Gainesville, FL to pursue a MS degree in animal science and coach the University of Florida livestock judging team. During her tenure at the University of Florida, she assisted with various youth livestock programs and assisted with many undergraduate animal science courses. Upon completion of her MS degree, she transferred to Oklahoma State University to complete a PhD in animal nutrition. At Oklahoma State University, she developed an interactive applied animal nutrition Web site and assisted with youth livestock activities and her research focused on applied beef cattle nutrition. In July of 2005, she joined the faculty at California State University, Chico in the College of Agriculture.


  • ANSC 230 - Animal Feeds and Nutrition
  • ANSC 272 - Sheep and Goat Production
  • ANSC 330 - Animal Nutrition
  • PSSC 363 - Forage Crops

Research and Professional Interests

Dr. Phillips' research interests center on forage utilization, alternative feedstuffs, and production systems, incorporating research into her teaching efforts. She believes strongly in experiential learning and making sure that students of agriculture have ample opportunities to develop necessary skills to be successful.


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Portrait of Celina Phillips