College of Agriculture

BS in Agriculture

Program Highlights

Students will participate in laboratory classes, capstone experiences, internships, and/or undergraduate research experiences at the Agricultural Teaching and Research Center.

Our students engage in hands-on learning experiences in agriculture science laboratories, greenhouses, school farms, agricultural mechanics laboratories, and supervised agriculture experience projects. Many students take advantage of our internship program to gain the occupational experience required for the teaching credential.

Our crop fields provide students the opportunity to grow plants in various environments. In addition to laboratory and research activities, we also supply plant material for local restoration projects in the northern Sacramento Valley.

The Data Says it All

Students will report on their exit survey that they are well prepared to enter the workplace or graduate school.

Our most recent survey results show that 86% of graduating seniors feel “well prepared” or “very well prepared” to enter the workforce, and 64% of those surveyed feel “well prepared” or “very well prepared” to enter graduate school.

Students will participate in student organizations, competitive activities, conferences, and/or community service opportunities to enhance their hands-on educational experience and provide additional skill development that complements classroom activities.

Our college supports nine student clubs and nationally recognized chapters of Alpha Tau Alpha, Alpha Gamma Rho, Sigma Alpha and Alpha Zeta. Students attend regional and national conferences and participate in renowned teams, clubs and organizations that cultivate leadership and teamwork.

Kaeli McArther
Kaeli McCarthur

Kaeli McCarther, a 2017 College of Agriculture graduate, epitomizes the qualities of leadership and academic excellence. As a minority student determined to increase representation and inclusion of other minorities in agriculture, McCarther helped bring the national organization - Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences, to Chico State. McCarther also served as president of the organization.

Sigma Alpha
Sigma Alpha

Sigma Alpha is a National Professional Agriculture Sorority with a local chapter here at California State University, Chico. Sigma Alpha is committed to promoting women in agriculture and encourages members to strive for scholarship, leadership, and service.

Student stands at OVP Table
Organic Vegetable Project

Students are essential to the success of CSU, Chico's Organic Vegetable Project, which completed its first year of harvest in 2008. Produce is served seasonally to campus diners, and at a weekly produce stand on campus. The collaboration brings together students, faculty, local farmers, and other community members who intend to promote the wise use of resources and preservation of local food production.

theme house
CAL Program

The Center for Agricultural Leadership (CAL) Theme Housing(opens in new window) provides a supportive environment for freshmen agriculture students to build bonds and develop leadership abilities. This unique and exciting environment fosters academic success and enhances opportunities for students to develop strong relationships with those who share similar career objectives.

Outstanding Faculty

Dr. Besty Boyd

Outstanding faculty are the backbone of our college and the driving force behind our students' success.

Plant Science professor Dr. Elizabeth (Betsy) Boyd (PDF) was elected chair of the Academic Senate in May 2015. Dr. Boyd was the first College of Agriculture professor to hold this affluent faculty leadership role in the University.