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Christina Pearson, Land Stewardship

Christina Pearson, Land Stewardship

Christina Pearson, Land StewardshipIt’s early in the morning. The sun is barely peaking over the valley mountain ridge and before she even steps foot on campus, Christina Pearson’s school day has begun. While many of her classmates are barely waking up, Pearson is already on I-5 traveling her 45 minute commute to Chico State from her hometown of Maxwell. While on this commute, Pearson not only thinks about her assignments and what she’ll learn at school that day, but her mind is consumed of thoughts about her fiancé shipping out to Kuwait in the next month and anxiety about the future after graduation. The obstacles put before her and the astounding academic accomplishments she’s achieved, not only make Pearson a star student at ChicoState, but also a star person in society.

At 31, Pearson isn’t your typical college student and doesn’t have her parents supporting her financially.

"I’ve been struggling," Pearson said."It is part of the reason why it has taken me so long to get through school."

While maintaining a 3.59 GPA, she worked 50 hour graveyard shifts, sacrificing her sleep and sanity.

"I remember one day working all throughout the night and right as I got off my shift, I drove straight to school for class," Pearson said.

As a Land Stewardship major with a minor in biology, Pearson is extremely interested in forestry. She works with the U.S. Forest Service as a range technician, or as she calls it, the "cow police."

"Basically I make sure they stay in their allotments," she said.

In 10 years Pearson hopes to be a range conservationist for the forest service.

"I would like to hopefully bridge the gap between ranchers and environmentalists," she said.

Her goals are big, but its obvious that determined Pearson can handle any hurdle placed in her track.