CSU, Chico

Ted Kingsley, Ag Business

Ted Kingsley, Ag Business

Ted KingsleyWhile walking through Plumas Hall you are sure to run into 24-year-old Ted Kingsley.  The junior agricultural business major decided to attend CSU, Chico because of its science-based programs and because he really enjoyed the laid-back atmosphere that the town of Chico offered.

Kingsley attended Colorado State University and worked in Fort Collins, Colorado, before deciding to move to California to become an agriculture student.  After coming to California he attended Feather River College before transferring to Chico State in the spring of 2007.  Kingsley’s first year at Chico State has been a busy one, as he is a member of the Society of Agriculture Managers, the Young Cattlemen’s Association, and is actively involved in the sustainability movement on campus. 

His active status across campus and in the College of Agriculture has given him experience that he had never imagined.  “The most important experience that I have gained at Chico State is networking and communication.  The people in this town and at the college are open to help and communicate, which makes it easy to make connections.”

Kingsley will graduate in May 2009 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Agricultural Business.  His career ambitions include working in the field of ranch management.  “My ideal career would be managing a vertically integrated ranch, from top to bottom, while being involved in international markets and trade.”