College of Agriculture

Judd Carter

Jud has been an active and prolific member of the superior Ag/CSU, Chico golf committee since its inception six years ago. He served for two years as the chair of this event, which is the College’s largest fundraiser. He not only contributes a good deal of money, person and employee time, innovation, and materials to the golf tournament but he leads the way in inspiring his associates to contribute. Last year, for example, he inspired roughly 21% of the gross revenue.

He also gives valuable experience to College of Agriculture interns. He is involved with numerous research projects such as the olive picking machine. The olive industry in California is going through a cost-price squeeze due to increased production costs and global competition. This foreign competition makes it essential for the U.S. producers to find new and better ways to become efficient and competitive of a global basis. Jud Carter has a vision for this type of change, which is exemplified by the $180,000 ARI research grant that he has contributed to as an industry matching partner.

The College of Agriculture and the College of Business at CSU, Chico are cooperating in a research project that will enhance business to business e-commerce opportunities for California agribusinesses. Jud Carter of Bell-Carter Olives supported this conference and participated in a round table discussion. It is the willingness of people like Jud to support the College of Ag that makes him so special to our students and us.

Jud is also a member of the Superior Ag Board of Directors, a past member of the Ag Advisory Council, the President’s Fund for Excellence and the CSU, Chico Research Foundation Board.