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College of Agriculture

Students Receive Awards at Western Organic Dairy Producers Alliance Conference

Announced on: Friday, Dec. 21, 2018

This year, eight students travelled to the Western Organic Dairy Producers Alliance (WODPA) Conference and Trade Show in Reno, Nevada and received a total of $5,000 in awards. The Organic Dairy Production Award is designed to help students with financial need involved with the CSU, Chico Organic Dairy Program. Recipients are selected through an application and interview process by a panel of organic dairy producers and the WODPA Executive Director. Jackie Wagner and Rafael Centeno received awards of $1,000 and Hannah Wren, Hunter Allen, Wyatt Amaral, Emily Fuller, and Gaby Verdusco received $600 awards. Jesus Valdez also attended the conference.

At the WODPA Conference, the Dairy Management Team (DMT) attended educational seminars, networked with industry representatives, and assisted in business meetings as stewards and note-takers, collecting survey data, and running media presentations.

The purpose of the WODPA conference is to help organic dairy farmers stay informed about the future of the organic dairy business and its projections for the future. The conference also offers a trade show exhibiting large industry names in the organic dairy business as well as exposure to new upcoming technologies. 

“We are very proud of the level of student participation in the conference. Our students are well received by producers and play a critical role in the overall success of the conference,” DMT Supervisor and WODPA Secretary, Darby Hefner said.