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College of Agriculture

College of Agriculture Hosts Third Annual Agriculture Mechanics Workout

Announced on: Thursday, Dec. 13, 2018

On Dec. 8, 2018, Chico State’s agricultural mechanics teaching class (AGED 421) hosted its annual Agriculture Mechanics CDE Workout at the University Farm. Thirty-six high school students from six high school FFA programs competed in the workout. This event allows current Chico State students to facilitate student learning through developing and coordinating an agriculture mechanics competition. Twenty-four students in AGED 421 planned the event, with seniors Kassidy D ’Andrade and Jonas Lindbloom serving as student co-chairs and Professor Thomas Henderson advising.

AGED students developed content, rubrics and judging criteria, and organized rotations for high school students to complete. The event included six interactive rotations including woodworking, electrical, welding, land surveying, tool identification, a written examination and problem solving. Through their participation, high school FFA members have the opportunity to build relationships with current Chico State students while also developing practical skills in agriculture mechanics.

“The experience allowed future agriculture teachers to develop content and see how it plays out with real students,” agriculture education major Ashlyn Bartlett, a senior, said. “Being in front of students, even for 15 minutes, you realize how much of an impact you can have and can touch a student’s life.”

Local businesses donated more than $1,100 worth of welding helmets, gloves, mechanical tools and other supplies. These items were used to facilitate the contest as well as provide awards for top placing individuals in each rotation.