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College of Agriculture

Ford to Serve as National Teach Ag Ambassador

Announced on: Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Taylor FordIn an effort to recruit the future leaders in agricultural education, each year the National Teach Ag Campaign selects up to 14 undergraduate students to serve as National Ambassadors. Among these, senior agriculture education major Taylor Ford will have the opportunity to travel across the nation to educate and inform about the mission of agricultural education.

“A huge reason why I was so motivated to be a part of this program comes from my college journey that I went through to get to where I am now. I had the opportunity to see what my heart was truly calling me to do and that is to teach,” Ford said.

For Ford, the right path wasn’t always clear as to where her future career would lead her. With a love of science and caring for those around her, she initially planned to pursue a career in nursing, but after giving a demonstration in one of her classes, the instructor pulled her aside and praised her ability to teach her audience. After this encounter, the thoughts she always had in the back of her head began to surface and her heart began to pull her toward a new path: agricultural education.

Ford was selected to serve as a National Ambassador after completing a rigorous application and interview process this spring until she was finally notified in May that she was one of the finalists.

“It was a long process to get to where I am but I am so thankful that I believed in myself and went for it. You never know what opportunities are out there if you don’t take them,” she said.

Throughout her service as a National Teach Ag Ambassador, Ford will attend national and state conventions, teach workshops, and attend symposiums and career fairs in order to recruit the best and brightest to a rewarding career in agricultural education. She will also keep an updated blog with plans to post weekly to celebrate teachers for their hard work and keep the public educated about agriculture.

“For me, teaching goes beyond the classroom. My goal is to be a champion for my students, to show them that they matter, and give them a place to call home,” she said. “Each student is capable of great things, but it takes a special person to believe in them and challenge them.”