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Students Attend PMA Conference in Monterey

Announced on: Thursday, Aug. 15, 2019

Four students stand on colorful pma conference steps. On July 26 and 27, the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) brought new experiences and perspectives to four California State University, Chico students at the PMA Foodservice Conference in Monterey. Jesus Barba, Kaitlyn Jochum, William Jones and Shaelyn Poteet were accompanied by agricultural business professor Marnie Dalton to participate in PMA’s Career Pathways program.

With the goal of providing opportunities for young talent to explore the vast career options available in the fresh produce and floral industry, the program allows students to participate in educational workshops, engage in networking opportunities, and participate in a student project. Students were also assigned an industry mentor to answer questions and give advice for their future career.

An agricultural business major, Poteet decided to attend the conference to explore her career options in agriculture after graduation.

“I had very little knowledge of the produce industry but was open to learn more,” she said. “I got to make connections with my peers and people in the industry during industry tours. It was really beneficial to see the major operations taking produce straight from the ground to around the world.”

Poteet goes on to describe her favorite part, “I realized how family-oriented the entire industry is, and (that) even when you're in competition with other companies, the goal remains the same—which is provide the best to the consumer.”

For more information, visit the PMA Foodservice Conference website.