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College of Agriculture

Future Agricultural Educators Host Agricultural Mechanics Career Development Workout

Announced on: Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2019

agricultural mechanics workout participantsOn Dec. 7, 2019, the “Methods in Teaching Agricultural Mechanics” class (AGED 421) hosted over 60 high school students to compete in the fourth annual Agricultural Mechanics Workout. The goal of the event was to provide agricultural education majors the opportunity to coordinate rotations, project plans and lead student activities, while high school students and coaches experienced what the agricultural mechanics career development event (CDE) looked like for the first time. Thirty-seven students in AGED 421 planned the event, with senior Ellen VanNoy serving as student chair and Professor Thomas Henderson advising.

The event featured seven interactive rotations including electrical, welding, plumbing, motors and machines, tool identification, a written examination and problem solving. Through their participation, high school FFA members have the opportunity to build relationships with current Chico State students while also developing practical skills in agriculture mechanics.

“Putting together the contest is a big investment of time for our students but rewarding for all. [AGED 421 students] learn how to run and facilitate a CDE contest, high school students get to experience the contest for the first time and prime their brains on everything that happens, and new ag mechanics teachers see how contests run,” Henderson said.

For both students and agricultural teachers, this workout prepares students for the coming competition season in the spring.

This event would not have been possible without donations provided from several businesses, including Home Depot, St. Helena Ace Hardware, Dutch Bros. Chico, All Metals Supply and Santa Rosa Stainless Steel.