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Clara Xu

Clara Xu


Photo of Clara XuOffice: Siskiyou 127

Campus Zip: 310

Phone: (530) 898-4908

FAX: (530) 898-5845

E-Mail: sxu@csuchico.edu

Personal Information

Clara Xu is originally from China, where she went to Shenyang Agricultural University. She graduated in 1999 with a master of science in Agriculture Management.  After graduating, she taught international trade and ag finance at Shenyang Agricultural University.

In 2003, she came to the University of Kentucky pursuing her higher education. She received her master’s degree in Economics in 2005. She is pursuing a PhD in agriculture economics from the University of Kentucky. Her current research interest is market pricing.

Xu has been in Chico since 2007. She teaches ABUS 261 – Farm Accounting and ABUS 262 – Management of Accounting in Agriculture.

Currently she is also raising three rescued squirrels.