CSU, Chico

Sheep & Goat Unit

Sheep & Goat Unit

student holding goatThe mission of the CSU, Chico sheep and goat unit is to develop and maintain multiple flocks that model modern livestock production and provide a hands-on learning environment for students. They become familiar with all aspects of small ruminant management, economics, and marketing while developing interpersonal and leadership skills.

Our primary production goal is to produce quality youth project animals for a reasonable price. We produce lambs for both spring fairs (May/June) and late summer fairs (August/September). Our wethers are available for sale in February and should be ideal for May fairs. Each winter (last weekend in February) we host our annual Sheep and Goat Day. This event has educational workshops and a club lamb and goat sale.

As always, we are open to the public and welcome tours and visitors. If you have questions or would like to tour our unit, please contact us at 530-898-6024 or sheepunit@gmail.com.

To learn more about the sheep and goat unit, visit the Sheep and Goat Unit Web site.

Dr. Celina Phillips - Faculty - 530-898-4147