College of Agriculture

Aubrey Teckam

Student standing in greenhouse.
Growing in the small Northern California town of Penn Valley, Aubrey Teckam always had a passion for the agriculture industry. She is now a junior majoring in Plant and Soil Science on the path to receive her certificates in being a Pest Control Adviser and Certified Crop Adviser. 

Growing up, her parents contributed to her love for the agriculture industry. Her mom works in the veterinarian medicine field and her dad is a teacher but the love for the plant science side of agriculture started when she watched her parents grow their own produce and managed a small orchard.  

In high school, Teckam was actively enrolled in a dual enrollment program that counted as college credit. This is her first year at Chico State but is considered a third-year student.  

Teckam chose Chico State because it was close enough to home, affordable, and provided the hands-on experience that she was looking for. After her undergraduate career, she is looking into expanding on her education at graduate school in plant and soil science with sustainable agriculture.  

In the College of Agriculture, Teckam is a highly engaged and active student. She has attended and competed in several conference like the American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and Soil Science Society of America. Through these conferences, she is learning about sustainable agriculture practices, learning about the physiology of plants, excel sheets, and creating research posters.  

"In my first year at Chico State, I have gained so many valuable skills through my classes and attending a variety of conferences. I am so happy with how my first year is going so far,” Teckam said.  

Teckam has enjoyed all of her classes so far at Chico State especially ones with a lab component like Agricultural Ecology (AGRI 331) and Fruit and Nut Production (PSSC 366). Outside of academics, she is involved in the Crops and Horticulture club as an Industry Relations Officer, Ag Ambassadors, and a student member of the NorCal California Association of Pest Control Advisers.  

One of her role models in the College of Agriculture is Rebecca Wheeler-Dykes who is the adviser for the Crops and Horticulture club. She is always willing to provide guidance and advice to Teckam to ensure she is on the right path to a successful future in the agricultural industry.  

Student standing in orchard.

Teckam offers some valuable advice to any incoming student:   

“I use to be very shy but I learned how to be more outgoing and to get involved,” Teckam said.  “Don’t be afraid to talk with your professors and other students to get to know the people around you. This has helped me develop my community in Chico.”  

Some of her favorite parts about the College of Agriculture is the amazing staff and faculty, the community, and the friends she has developed in only one year so far.  

“I have loved the relationships I have created so far as well as the hands-on and real-world experience that I have received this year,” Teckam said.  

Outside of academics and extracurricular activities, Teckam enjoys hiking and traveling to the mountains, spending time with family and friends, and taking care of her extensive house plant collection. In five years, she hopes to be competing her master's degree and working in a position where her passion thrives for agriculture.