College of Agriculture

Brian Wunsch

Student smiling at camera

Brian Wunsch is a senior at Chico State and pursuing a bachelor’s degree in plant and soil science with an option in land resource management. Wunsch, originally from Willows, transferred from Butte College, and he is currently employed as a gardens specialist specializing in irrigation management on campus.

Wunsch had been unsure about what he wanted to study in college until he took an “Introduction to Horticulture” class taught by Adrienne Edwards, a lecturer in the Department of Biological Sciences—this is where everything clicked for him. He is now looking toward a career in the agricultural industry with a focus on water resource management.

“Chico State was a convenient location to pursue my education, and there is a huge benefit of having the employee fee waiver. The day I sold my landscaping business was the same day Chico State offered me a position in facilities management services. I could not resist attending here,” Wunsch said.

Wunsch owned and ran a landscaping business for three years before attending college. He has always been fascinated by soil science, and now he wants to combine that interest with his passion for resource and land management.

As a gardens specialist, at Chico State, Wunsch focuses on irrigation and integrated pest management. He is currently working with the California Water Service on a new project that would implement a smart irrigation system for the landscaping areas around campus that would cut down water use by 20 percent.

Wunsch exemplifies hard work and dedication in both his academics and his position with Facilities Management and Services at Chico State. He recently received the 2022 Staff Academic Award and was gifted $1,000 for his efforts.

Wunsch can see himself continue working on campus after graduation, or possibly with a water district or governmental agency that focuses on water management. For now, he is excited to learn more about water and resource management in California, and he is always up to the challenge of creating the best and more efficient solution to any problem.