College of Agriculture

Amanda Prentice

Animal Science and Agricultural Business

Sometimes a single class can change a student’s life. Such was the case for Amanda Prentice. Growing up in Sonoma County’s fertile wine country, Prentice got involved in the livestock industry during high school where she raised market sheep and beef in FFA.  

Amanda Prentice This led her to the College of Agriculture at Chico State to pursue an animal science major. During her course study one class changed her life and future career path.

“It was not until I took the ‘Meat and the Consumer’ class with Professor Crystal Waters that it changed my life. I fell in love with the meat industry. This meat science class was only supposed to be an elective, but I developed a passion for what I want to do with my career,” Prentice said. 

Learning that Waters was planning to start a meats judging team at Chico State, Prentice decided to tack on a second major in agricultural business and extend her undergraduate education to compete on the team and further her knowledge and passion for the meats industry. 

“The most memorable experience here at Chico State has just been learning about the meat industry through my classes and the meat judging team, because I have never experienced anything like this before.” Prentice said. 

Having ignited her passion for the meat industry, Waters is one of the outstanding figures in the College of Agriculture who have impacted Prentice’s life. Professors Kasey DeAtley and Celina Phillips have also helped shape her career path. Prentice said all three professors have inspired her to grow as an individual and motivate her to accomplish her future career goals. 

Prentice has a jammed-packed schedule with work, school, and running her own cattle company. She is the manager of operations for Ranchers Deli and Meats in Corning, where she enjoys helping with the food safety plans as well as learning more about the meat industry. Prentice also owns Diamond A Cattle Company in Cottonwood, where she manages the breeding of her herd, nutritional requirements, and keeps records on each animal. She then sells the offspring to local 4-H and FFA members for their county fairs.  

As if that weren't enough, Prentice is also a member of the Young Cattlemen’s Association and enjoys attending industry tours. In her free time, she enjoys working with her cows, camping, and exploring the mountains and beaches. She also helps with local fairs in their livestock departments.  

 Prentice exemplifies a strong work ethic and puts her passion into everything. Through all her endeavors, she is dedicated to the agriculture industry which she will pursue in her future career. Based on her experiences inside and outside of Chico State, Prentice has some wise words for current students and incoming freshman.

 “Keep taking classes of subjects you are interested in,” she said. “Even though you may not think you will like it, you could be surprised. Also, do not make school seem like a chore either.”