College of Agriculture

Melvin Quezada Haro

Crops, Horticulture, and Land Resource Management

Growing up in a family that holds generations of farmers, Melvin Quezada Haro has always enjoyed the agriculture industry. He is from Lancaster located in Southern California where he started at Antelope Valley College before transferring to Chico State and majoring in agriculture science with an option in crops, horticulture, and land resource management and a minor in biochemistry.  

Student standing in field. Haro chose Chico State because of the welcoming environment and the engaging hands-on classes in his major.  

“Chico had it all. There was agriculture in its backyard, there were classes that really interested me, and the community was engaged in the university,” Haro said. 

Haro is fascinated with the agriculture industry, especially the biology and chemistry of agriculture. He is always looking for new ways to be involved in research.  

With my minor, I am trying to incorporate the knowledge of agriculture with the sciences behind it, Haro said.   

He would like to focus on land management, incorporating his love of research to learn how to use resources appropriately 

Haro is currently a ditch tender at Deer Creek Irrigation in Vina, CalifThis position has influenced his passion even more for the agriculture industry.  

“My supervisor at Deer Creek Irrigation has been instrumental to my knowledge. He has taught me so much valuable information about the water system.” 

Some of Haro’s favorite classes are soil science and plant pathology. Animal nutrition is another class that he thought was very interesting. He enjoys more than just the classes in the College of Agriculture.  

“My favorite thing about the College of Ag is the inclusivity. The professors are always pushing me to get an internship or to do more research,” Haro said.   

Haro provided some valuable advice for current and incoming students. 

“If it is something you like, you will know right way. Select different types of classes and read the class descriptionGo for some classes that you would like to have knowledge on, not just while taking the course but take something to bring with you in the future.  

Haro is a part of the Agriculture Ambassadors program as well as Chico Sheep Association. While taking the animal nutrition class, his interest in the Chico Sheep Association drew from the connection created with Dr. Celina Philips. He is looking into going to graduate school after Chico StateIn the future, he would like to manage water district as well as doing research on the side.  

“I appreciate all of my professors. I feel that each one of my professors have given me something that I am using now and that I will take into the future. I am so grateful for Chico State for everything that it has given me.