College of Agriculture

Amelia Zepeda

Amelia Zepeda

Plant and Soil Science 

A Chico local, Amelia Zepeda is passionate about sustainability and plant science and ready for her senior year.

Zepeda, a plant and soil science major, did not grow up in the agricultural industry, so she was unsure what she wanted to pursue until she discovered a plant science class at Butte College called “Sustaining Life on Earth.” Transferring to Chico State, she was looking for opportunities to be involved in hands-on experiences. 

In October 2020, Professor Hossein Zakeri asked Zepeda to join the Biological Nitrogen Fixation (BNF) project, a group of students and faculty who study the potential benefits of legumes as a dual purpose food and cover crop. This entails planting and sampling a diverse panel of legumes like fava beans.

“One of my favorite parts of this research team is being able to discuss and collaborate with my fellow students. I value the powerful conversations the group has about the research we find,” Zepeda said.

Zepeda is a member of the Chico STEM Connections Collaborative (CSC2) program with Lindsey Jeffery, which offers support and resources to unrepresented students who value research.

“I look up to the women faculty and staff in the College of Agriculture,” Zepeda said. “All of these women are so confident, strong, and inspiring. I value the women in agriculture.”

She offers some advice for current and incoming students.

“Get involved in every way, shape, and form. Also, the University Farm is an amazing opportunity to have hands-on opportunities and to make valuable connections with fellow students as well as faculty,” Zepeda said.

Some of her favorite memories in the College of Agriculture are the experiences she was given at the farm. She loves being able to have her labs at the farm to enjoy the hands-on experiences.

In her free time, she enjoys being with her family, roller skating, and camping. She has several house plants and succulents that she loves to take care of. Zepeda is looking into going to graduate school to continue her passion in plant science.

Zepeda is happy to be back on campus for her senior year. She wants to meet new people and expand her knowledge about plant science. In five years, she would like to own land to be able to have a garden and animals. Her dream job is to be able to combine outreach and research in agriculture. She also hopes to travel to a variety of places.