CSU, Chico

Suzanne Perrin, Agriculture Education

Suzanne Perrin, Agriculture Education

Suzanne Perrin, a junior in agriculture education, is taking advantage of every opportunity in the CSU, Chico College of Agriculture. She is especially taking advantage of opportunities offered by the Stock Dog Association, a unique club to the College of Agriculture.

Before coming to CSU, Chico, Perrin had never had a dog of her own, let alone a working stock dog. Her family had a pet German Sheppard-Husky mix, and that was all the experience she had with dogs. As a freshman she really wanted a dog of her own, but living in the dorms made it out of the question. The next year she finally got her chance. When Perrin visited a friend whose dog had puppies, she fell in love with a cute little fur ball that came walking up to her sideways. She took the little Border Collie home and named it Sideways.

Soon after getting Sideways, Perrin got involved with the Stock Dog Association. She began learning how to train her dog and became passionate about the club. Perrin is now president of the Stock Dog Association and is committed to promoting the club. She works Sideways every Tuesday and Wednesday to practice herding the club's sheep. As president, she works with other members of the club to communicate to the public about stock dogs and proper handling of livestock.

After graduation, Perrin plans to continue working her Border Collie. “Sideways loves to work,” Perrin explained, “and I couldn’t take that away from her. Plus I love training her, even though I am learning as I go.” Perrin hopes to eventually participate and compete in stock dog trials with Sideways.

As busy as she is with the Stock Dog presidency, Perrin is also involved in other student organizations. She is sergeant at arms for Alpha Zeta, the agriculture honor society, where she is gaining additional experience with leadership and professional development. Perrin is also a member of Alpha Tau Alpha (ATA) and Agriculture Ambassadors.

In October, Perrin will travel to Indianapolis, Indiana, with four other students to represent the CSU, Chico College of Agriculture at the National Future Farmers of America (FFA) convention.

While keeping busy in Stock Dog, ATA, AZ, and Ag Ambassadors, Perrin also works at the University Farm on the dairy management team, where she is involved with milking and herd management. Working at the dairy has given Perrin hands-on experience working in a team environment and learning dairy practices.

Perrin is originally from Lodi, Calif., where she was involved in FFA, which led to a career direction in ag education. She hopes to become a high school agriculture teacher. “Throughout high school I greatly benefited from my involvement within the FFA, and it would be a privilege for me to give back to the agriculture programs that have taught me so much,” Perrin explained.

During her senior year in high school, Perrin's high school ag teacher brought her to Opportunity Day at CSU, Chico, where she fell in love with the beautiful campus and the family atmosphere in the College of Agriculture. Since arriving at CSU, Chico as a freshman in 2008, she feels that “the college has provided a network of people to not only provide opportunities for leadership and industry-related growth but also a group of friends and family that I can rely on.”

When she's not doing school activities, Perrin likes to play with Sideways, hang out with her friends, travel, snowboard, go bowling, and play badminton and intramural volleyball.