College of Agriculture

Ag Ambassadors

Students smiling for camera. Officially launched in the fall of 2021, Ag Ambassadors are a volunteer force of student leaders dedicated to recruitment, outreach, and leadership development on behalf of the College of Agriculture. The group’s primary roles are to visit high schools and community colleges, provide farm and campus tours to prospective students, and outreach to the community through a variety of events and activities.

School Visit Committee

The purpose of the school visits committee is to promote all that the College of Agriculture and Chico State has to offer. Throughout the year, the school visits committee accomplishes our purpose by visiting schools at both the high school and junior college level. Thanks to Zoom and Microsoft Teams we can more now than ever reach schools as far south as Holtville through virtual school presentations. This committee is actively engaged throughout the year and is a crucial component in student recruitment. 

Tour Committee

The Tour Committee's role in Ag Ambassadors is to welcome prospective students to the Chico State campus and to the Chico State University Farm. We reach out to high school and transfer students to schedule interactive tours where any of their questions about Chico State and the College of Agriculture can be answered. It is a great opportunity to display the beautiful learning environment that Chico State creates.

Digital Communication Committee

The Digital Communication committee is tasked to actively participate in all aspects of communication. Through social media, website design, and videography, this committee highlights activities and events going on within ag ambassador. Follow the Instagram and Facebook accounts to see all of the updates. 

Special Events Committee

The events committee focuses on attending community, and Chico State events in order to promote agriculture in the community, Chico State Agricultural Department, and the importance of leadership. We make it our number one priority to help severe and educate others. We pride ourselves on community outreach and making a difference in the agricultural community.

ICC Representative 

As the ICC representative, the role is to attend the monthly ICC meetings to represent Ag Ambassadors then report on what the organization is doing and take any important information back to the Ag Ambassadors' weekly meetings.