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College of Agriculture

Community College Transfer Information

We are pleased that you are considering transferring to Chico State to complete your education and are happy to help make this process as simple as possible. The Bachelor of Science degree program at Chico State requires a minimum of 120 units, and you can complete half of these at your community college. We encourage you to complete as much of your general education as possible and the lower division agriculture courses while attending your community college. Some general suggestions:

  • Complete your general education (GE) requirements and a minimum of 60 units before transferring. Utilize your community college counselors and Assist to select these general education classes.
  • Maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average.
  • Feel free to contact the outreach coordinator ( before applying for help deciding which agriculture major is right for you and what courses you need to take.
  • Application for the fall semester are available online at Cal State Apply(opens in new window) in October and November. Applications for the spring semester are also online and open in August.
  • Students seeking a teaching credential should contact a Chico State advisor for additional courses they may be able to take at their community college to meet the additional requirements for a California teaching credential.

Feel free to contact us any time by e-mailing