College of Agriculture

Industry Partnerships

The project has partnered with industry to develop the facilities the training facilities at Chico State.  Industry representatives have presented workshops demonstrating the latest in water measurement technologies. 

The industry partners that have donated or substantially discounted equipment to the project are:

  • Water Specialties (Magnetic Flow meter, 10" prop meter)
  • North State Electric and  Pump (7.5 HP pressure pump, turbine pump and 5 hp centrifugal pump)
  • Aqua Systems 2000, Calgary Canada (LOPAC automated upstream water level control gate)
  • National Instruments (Lookout  10 workstation licenses)
  • Siemens (three Sitrans Mag8000 magnetic flow meters, Sitrans Ultrasonic flow meter, two 4" battery operated MAG8000 magnetic flow meters, transit time battery operated flow meter for 10" PVC )
  • Mace (open channel flow meter,  pipe flow meter, and data loggers)
  • Concepts in Controls, Inc.
  • Red Lion (LCD display)
  • Saftronics(opens in new window) (two VFD Demo kits)
  • Sontek | Hydro Scientific West Argonaut SW-300
  • Seametrics (3 AG-2000 magnetic flow meters)