Emergency Alerts and Updates

Chico State Alerts FAQ

What is Chico State Alerts?

Chico State Alerts is a service that the University uses to contact students, faculty, and staff in the event of a campus emergency or a crisis situation. The system can contact you (and anyone else you list in your contacts) via telephone, cell phone, text message (SMS) to a mobile device, or by email. The system is maintained by the University and will only be used in an emergency or periodic testing of the system. 

How does Chico State Alerts work?

During an emergency affecting the University (such as an evacuation, shelter in place order, or campus closure), the notification system will use the contact information you have provided and deliver you a message with details about the event. 

What constitutes an emergency?

Very serious incidents and dangerous situations that would jeopardize the health and safety of the campus community. Emergencies are determined by the University Police Department, Environmental Health and Safety, and the University President according to best practices established by state and federal emergency services. You will not be contacted by Chico State Alerts unless a serious incident warrants your immediate attention, or a periodic test is being conducted. 

Can I choose the methods in which I am notified?

Yes. You are given an opportunity to choose whether you want to receive notifications via telephone or text message (SMS).  However, you cannot opt out of having Chico State Alerts automatically send an alert email to your Chico State email.  

Why should I have multiple contact points?

To become aware of any emergency or crisis situation on campus and know how to respond to be safe.

How do I add contact points for Chico State Alerts?

If you are a current student, faculty or staff member:

The system automatically gets contact information from the Chico State Account Center. Log in with your campus credentials and double check your emergency contact information is correct. You can log in anytime to update or make changes.

If you’d like to add an additional emergency contact, such as a parent or spouse to receive emergency Chico State Alerts, you can include up to 3 emails, 3 mobile numbers, and 3 landlines through GetRave.com, logging in with your campus credentials. 

Can I change my contact preferences?

Yes. You can log into the Chico State Account Center and GetRave.com  to add or delete your contact information. Rave is also where you can select your preferred language selection for alerts (choose the edit function next to your name).  

How do I update my language?

Log in to GetRave.com, choose the edit function next to your name, and you will see an option for language choice. If your language is not listed, please email EHSAdmin@csuchico.edu. At this time, we offer alerts in Spanish, Hmong, Hindi, Mandarin, and Arabic. We plan to continue rolling out additional languages as needed. Please note is an automated translation and may have errors. 

Will this cost me anything?

The University offers this service for free. If you choose to receive a notice by text message, your service providers should not charge a fee because it serves as emergency communication.

Does the service work on multiple cell phone networks?


Do I need to install software on my phone?

No. The system uses industry standard SMS text messaging protocol to send messages to your phone. Your mobile phone plan will need to accept text messages to work properly.

Will I receive unsolicited messages ("SPAM") on my mobile phone or email account?

No. Chico State Alerts is only used in case of an emergency or during required periodic testing of the system. Your emergency contact information will be safeguarded and not shared with anyone. 

How do I unsubscribe (remove myself) from receiving emergency notifications?

You may unsubscribe from telephone alerts, text messaging alerts (SMS), or additional email alerts by deleting the information in each respective data field.  You cannot remove the Chico State email from the notification system. 

What if I don't get the campuswide test message?

If your data appears to be correct, but you did not receive a notification, please submit a ticket with ITSS