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Wildcat Connect Webinar Series: The Macroeconomics of COVID-19

economics webinar

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This webinar will discuss some of the impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the U.S. economy. Panelists will discuss potential solutions to the problems that the economy is facing as well as the policies that have already been implemented. In addition to discussing the impacts that the pandemic has already had, the panelists will also discuss both the short-term and long-term challenges that the U.S. economy will face. Topics will include unemployment, budgets (state and national), budget deficits versus austerity, and stock markets.


peter tsournosDr. Peter Tsournos | Chair, Economics Department

Prior to coming to Chico in 2001, Tsournos was a research economist for the USDA-Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station in Sitka, Alaska. Dr. Tsournos’ research focuses on water and renewable energy, including valuation of the Sacramento Wildlife Refuge, and the benefits and costs of supplemental water releases on the Feather River.


greg madonia

Dr. Greg Madonia | Assistant Professor, Economics Department

Dr. Madonia joined the Department of Economics at Chico State in the fall of 2017 after completing his Ph.D. at the University of Colorado Boulder. His research is in the fields of labor, environmental and sports economics with a particular focus on the topics of worker behavior, discrimination, and the impact of resources booms on crime.



jacob jennings

Dr. Jacob Jennings | Assistant Professor, Economics Department

Jennings came to Chico in the fall of 2015 after completing his Ph.D. at the University of Utah. His research focuses on macroeconomics, credit, and asset price inflation. His fields and interests also include a study of economic history, economic development, and history of thought.