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How to create your account and complete your profile.

If you have a LinkedIn profile, the platform can automatically upload all of your professional and educational information and set up your profile. (Be sure to use the same email as the one you created your LinkedIn account).

If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, no worries. You can fill in the details yourself, sharing as much or as little as you like.

Customize your engagement

Once your profile is created, you can select your engagement interests and time commitment.

You can offer to be a mentor for the number of mentees of your choosing and the type of advice, conversations and connections you prefer to share.

The platform will match you accordingly.

  • As an advisee: Choose your advisor. Wildcat Connect will showcase the similarities between you and the potential matches so you can to reach out and set up an appointment.
  • As a mentor: Once you have been matched, the system will notify you of appointment request.
  • All the connections happen within the platform--matching, messaging, and even video conferencing!
  • As this is a new endeavor for Chico State, it could take as long as four months for a mentee match, but we hope you'll find it worth the wait. Together, we can support our Wildcats around the world!