Chico State Alumni Association

Support the Chico State Alumni Association

As an alumnus of Chico State, you've earned your place as a member of our new Chico State Alumni Association membership program. Through the association, you have access to benefits and opportunities to engage with the alumni community. Please explore the various levels listed below.

Alumni Member

Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat. Upon graduation, all alumni are automatically association members—FOR FREE! Sign up below to download a printable membership card to start receiving discounts and benefits at stores and online.

We know that alumni are hardly alone as passionate supporters of Chico State. We welcome students, faculty, and staff to show their support of Chico State by signing up and downloading a card.

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Sustaining Wildcat

Sustaining Wildcats help continue our mission of enriching the lives of students and alumni. These members make an annual contribution of $100+ to the Association and receive enhanced benefits such as book borrowing privileges at all CSU campus libraries.

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Wildcat for Life

Wildcat for Life* members are the pillars of the Chico State Alumni Association and have a special place in our new membership program. These members make a one-time gift of $500 and receive a branded welcome package and reap benefits for life.

The branded welcome package includes a commemorative Chico State alum portfolio, lifetime member ID card, and lifetime member lapel pin. It also includes a Chico State Alumni Association registered key ring. These specially coded key rings can help you recover your keys, should you ever lose them. If someone finds your keys, all they have to do is simply drop them in any U.S. mailbox. The association will guarantee postage and contact you to return your keys.

Wildcat for Life members also receive receive enhanced benefits such as book borrowing privileges at all CSU campus libraries.

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* = Previously called Lifetime Members are now honored as Wildcats for Life members