Anthropology Department

Past MA Theses

Past MA Theses
YearGraduate StudentTitle
2023Alina Tichinin

A Multi-technique Approach to Seasonality of Bighorn Sheep Hunting at Paiute Creek Rockshelter

2023Erin A. Boyle

A Comparison of Dental Microsectioning Methods for Stable Isotopic Weaning Reconstruction

2023Thomas Delgado

Towards the Identification of Unidentified Remains at the US-Mexico Border: A Stable Isotope and Machine Learning Approach

2023Devin Adcox

The Application of Forensic Fractography to High-Velocity Projectile Trauma in Long Bones: Relationships to Velocity and Caliber

2022Casey Hegel

An Anthropological Approach to the Spatial Analysis of the Fatalities from the 2018 Camp Fire

2022Elizabeth Hannigan

Stable Isotope Analysis as a Means of Exploring the Lived Experiences of Archaic Greek Individuals

2022Kyle Palazzolo

Dressed for Success: Assessing and Contextualizing Flower-Pot Mortars

2022Taylor Lambrigger

The Significance of Sociocultural Covariates in Isotopic Interpretations: A case Study From Oaxaca, Mexico

2022Cheyenne Collins

Modeling Scavenging Patterns within the Willamette Valley of Oregon: Informing Search Structure in Medicolegal Investigations

2021Ariel Peasley

The Public Accessibility of Archaeological Collections

2021Coral Doyle

The Greening of Museums: Environmentally Sustainable Practices and Intentions in Northern California

2021Katherine Jorgensen Abernathy

Evidence of Cultural Resilience: An Analysis of Technological Persistence from the Contact Period “Johnson Site” in Northern California.

2021Leigh Hayes

Analysis of Differential Treatment Between Demographic Groups Within Mass Graves: Case Studies from Bosnia-Herzegovina and Iraq

2021Maura Timmons

Activity Markers of Equestrianism: Biomechanical Loading on the Vertebrae, Pelvic, Knee, and Ankle Joints

2021Meegan Sims

Decolonizing Museums: Native Narratives and K-12 Education

2021Alyssa Straub

Examining the Accuracy and Precision of Stable Isotope Analysis and Isotope Prediction Maps in Identification Efforts of Undocumented Border Crossers

2021Jessica Hotaling

Modeling Juvenile Traumata and Taphonomy: Patterns and Implications for the Endangered Child

2021Caitlin M. H. Bishop

Archaeological Investigations of "Alaska" at Tule Lake Segregation Center in Northeastern California

2020Vanessa Reeves

An Examination of Diet, Health, and Social Inequality within the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center's Potter's Field (1871-1935)

2020Miranda Ehlers

An Evaluation of Dental Metrics: Assessing the Impact of Preservation on Ancestral Estimation

2020Leah Tray

Using Osteoarthritis to Determine Disability in Past Populations

2020Alexander RyllNight Has Come and the Stars Are Hidden: Migration and Refuge in Morocco and Spain
2020Noel M. JonesThe One Allotment to Bare them All: Analyzing Land Use Strategies in the Northwestern Great Basin
2020Ashlyn WeaverThe Forgotten Hawaiians: Anthropological Research of the Intercultural Encounters between Native Hawaiians and California Natives
2020Cecily A. MerwinAnother Leporidae, Another Leporidollar: An Examination of Faunal Remains from Wagontire Springs Cave, High Rock Canyon, Nevada
2020Jacqueline Galimany SkuphamThe Informative Value of the Public Symphysis for Age-Estimation in a Chilean Skeletal Sample Using Transition Analysis
2019Jessica CurryAn Analysis of the Effects of Diagenesis on Elemental Concentrations in Human Bone Utilizing X-Ray Fluorescence Technology 
2019Kelsie HartIdentifying Autopsy and Dissection on Human Skeletal Remains: A Case Study from Point San Jose (Fort Mason), Golden Gate National Recreation Area
2019Ronnie Johnson Coastal Lifeways in San Francisco Bay Area Prehistory: Exploring Time Transgressive Settlement Patterning Within the Marin Peninsula.
2019Dayne GradoneIt's the Faith You Have Toward Something Which Heals: Herbs, Herbalists and Healing in the Western Highlands of Kenya
2019Daniel Cahill3D Scanning and Virtual Reality as Pedagogical Tools for Museum Training
2019Tamera MaxeyFragility and Permanence: Civic 9/11 Memorials and the Creation of American Historical Narrative
2019Mallory PetersTaphonomy and Bone Mineral Density in a Historic Pauper Cemetery
2019Karin WellsRelationships between Dental Pathology and Ancestry from the Santa Clara County Valley Medical Center Pauper Cemetery
2018Kristen BroehlOsteometric Sorting of Metacarpals and Metatarsals in Commingled Human Skeletal Assemblages in Commingled Human Skeletal Assemblages
2018Claire McMahonA Faunal Analysis & Seasonality Study using Cementum Increment Analysis at Payne’s Cave in Northern California
2018Jacques PeltierThat Belongs in a Museum!:  An Evaluation of Archaeological Law in Northern California
2018Bella QuijanoHats, Caps, and Headdresses: Developing an On-Line Exhibit for the Small Museum
2018Alexander RyllNight has Come and the Stars are Hidden: Migration and Refuge in Morocco and Spain
2018Valerie SgheizaTwo Factors Affecting Multi-element Quantification of Commingled Human Skeletal Assemblages 
2017Allison CasanovaThe Commodification of Desire: Sex, Stereotypes, and Stripping 
2017Laura Cirillo Gaps in Information: What Missing Teeth Mean in Bioarchaeology 
2017Kasey ColeResource-Based  Territoriality in Northeastern California: Evidence from Geochemical and Cementum Increment Analyses of the Lorenzen Site (CA-MOD-250) Archaeofauna 
2017Jacquelynn CoonAugmenting Realities: Improving Habitat Dioramas through the use of Augmented Reality Technology at the Grand Rapids Public Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan
2017Maria CoxA Closer Look at Density Mediated Attrition: Relationships between Pathology, Taphonomy, and Preservation 
2017Martha Nuño Diaz Interpreting Osteoarthritis Prevalence Rates in the Santa Clara County Valley Medical Center Historic Cemetery
2017Sarah A. HallA Comparison of Anatomical and Mathematical Methods of Stature Estimation Using a Historic Cemetery Collection 
2017Aoife Kilmartin Reassessment of the Prevalence of Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis among Subadults in the St. Brides Lower Churchyard Collection
2017Heather MacInnesSpecimens of Morbid Anatomy: A Study of Context and Sorting Methods of Commingled Human Remains from the Point San Jose Ossuary
2017Heather MartinIncreasing Accessibility at the Valene L.  Smith Museum of Anthropology: An Online Database Featuring the North American Basketry Collection
2017William Robert TownsendThe Representation of International States, Societies, and Cultures in Twenty-First Century Space-Themed Exhibits: An Anthropology Inquiry into Museum in California, Oregon, Washington, And British Columbia
2017Aimee VanHavermaat-SnyderA Genocidal Legacy: A Case Study of Cultural Survival in Northwestern California 
2016Althea Asaro"Beyond Trade and Exchange: Piecing Together a Narrative for Post-Paleoindian Tool Caches in Prehistoric California"
2016Derek BoydPutting Fracture Reduction on Repeat: An Analysis of the Long-Term Health Consequences of Differential Treatment in Industrial-Era London
2016Sarah IzziMethodological Considerations for the Revisitation of Existing Curated Archaeological Collections: A California Case Study 
2016Anna Rushton Kamanzi Becoming Rwandan: Paths to Integration for the Potters
2016Jake Martin"Miles vs. Meals: The Effect of Distance on Hunting Decisions"
2016Julia Prince-BuitenhuysNew Foods, New Lands: Ethnic Dietary Variation at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Potter’s Field
2016Justin WiselyStarch Grain Analysis of Bedrock Mortars in the Sierra Nevada Mountains: Experimental Studies to Determine their Function
2015Lisa BarreraConnecting Collections:  Best Practices and Recommendations for the California State Indian Museum’s Basketry Collection, Sacramento, California.
2015Rebecca GeorgeNon-Metric and Metric Dental Assessment of Ancestry in Contemporary Mexican Individuals: An Aid to Identifying Undocumented Border Crossers
2015Catherine DavisBetty's Hope and the Panoptic Plantation Theory; A Study in Geographic Information Systems and Landscape Archaeology at Betty's Hope Plantation, Antigua, West Indies
2015Stefanie KlineFrom Valley to Coast: An Isotopic Study of Diet in Southern Albania across Three Millennia
2015Amy T. MacKinnonDietary Reconstruction of Medieval and Early Modern Spanish Populations using Stable Isotopes of Carbon and Nitrogen
2015Christine C. O'NeillBighorn Sheep Ritual in Northeast California: An Examination of the Loyalton Rockshelter Caches
2015Lowell W. Thomas IVThe Historical Context for Indigenous Culture Change in Dixie Valley, Northeast California: A Prelude to Collaborative Archaeology
2015Koren TippettThe Cultural Landscape of the Sacramento Historic City Cemetery, Sacramento, California, 1849-1910, Utilizing the Methodologies of Historical Archaeology
2014Connor Brent BuitenhuysInvestigating Faunal Remains from the San Diego Presidio Chapel: Problems of Ethnicity and Creolization During the Mexican Era
2014Shanon ClinkinbeardDisease on the Western Frontier: Cholera and Tuberculosis during the California Gold Rush (1850-1900)
2014Janet FinalysonA Bioarchaeological Investigation of Stature, Body Proportionality, and Diet Change in Prehistoric Central California
2014Marilla M. MartinCooking in Prehistory: Evidence from the Sugar Loaf Site in Sierra Valley, California and the Eastern Sierra
2014Niles ReynoldsA Theoretical Approach to the Application of 3D Technology in Anthropology Museums
2014Devin SnyderEvaluating the Validity of the Chico Regional Culture Chronology: Radiocarbon and Obsidian Analysis at Three Late Period Village Sites
2014Robert Stevens Jain Food Traditions and Beliefs: Fieldwork, Film and Flavor in Jaipur, India
2014Kristina ZarenkoSkeletal Health in 19th and 20th Century St. Louis: A Bioarchaeological Analysis of the Terry Collection
2013Juliet R. BartonWhat is an isolate?: a case study from the Grindstone District of the Mendocino National Forest
2013Jeff BryantSoil is social: investigating Maya soil dynamics and social stratification during climate change with X-ray florescence spectrometry
2013Kristin L. ChelottiTemporal analysis of craniofacial trauma in prehistoric California's Central Valley
2013Colleen M. CheverkoA bioarchaeological analysis of osteoarthritis in prehistoric Central California
2013Susan Steele D'AlonzoA new approach to radiographic comparison: combining morphometric and morphoscopic techniques
2013Karen Smith Gardner Diet and identity among the ancestral Ohlone: integrating stable isotope analysis and mortuary context at the the Yukisma Mound (CA-SCL-38)
2013Alexandra PerronePatterns of skeletal health in urban and rural post-medieval London: a bioarchaeological analysis of middle aged and older adult females
2013Nicole A. Ramirez ThomasThe Karlo Site (LAS-7): An Exploration of Resource Depression in Northeastern California
2013Melina TaylorPublic health education and outreach strategies in The Gambia, West Africa
2012James BrillViolent adaptations: technology of violence and cultural evolution along the Santa Barbara Channel
2012Leanna FlahertyRock Art Manufacture as a Signal: An Experiment and Evaluation of the Costliness of Petroglyph Production
2012Adam GutierrezConstricting Territories: The Yana, Restricted Mobility and the Fauna from Kingsley Cave
2012Koike SachikoRepresentation and revival of Ainu culture in Japanese museums
2012Christa WestphalThe Archaeological, Ethnographic and Physical Landscape of California’s Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park Trails
2012Lisha ZhuThe Revival of Confucian Tradition in Contemporary Chinese Society: A Case Study of Modern Sishu Education
2011Lance BlanchardRaised Walls and Broken Bodies: An Analysis of Defensive Architecture and Violent Skeletal Trauma in Late Prehistoric Eastern North America
2011Lisa BrightTaphonomic Signatures of Animal Scavenging
 in Northern California
2011Katie CohanThe Bitter, Freezing Hours of Night: An Investigation of Cold Injury Susceptibility in the Post-Civil War Seventh Cavalry
2011Kristina CrawfordDaily Bread: Pre-Historic Cooking Features in the Northern Sacramento Valley, California 
2011Kevin D. DaltonA Geospatial Analysis of Prehistoric Hunting Blinds and Hunter Gatherer Group Size at Cowhead Slough, Modoc County, California
2011Ashley KendellThe Crow Creek Massacre: The Role of Sex in Native American Scalping Practices
2011Tanya KieselbachMyth & Murder: An Experience-Centered Approach to Eastern Mediterranean Foundling Narratives
2011Kathleen MoranMayberry on Crank: Programs Designed to Mitigate Health Risks to Children and Adolescents in Methamphetamine Homes 
2011Jennifer Marie MunozFaunal Remains as Markers of Ethnic Identity: The Philadelphia House as a Case Study of German-American Ethnicity
2011Patrick M. RaleyObsidian Procurement Area Studies: Excavations at Bear Gulch, Idaho
2011Amanda Van WoertGIS use in the Reinterpretation of Archaeological Museum Collections: The Coombs Site, Boulder, Utah
2010Brenna BlanchardA Study of the Accuracy and Reliability of Sex Estimation Methods of the Human Pelvis
2010Gregory CollinsBone Fragmentation as an Indicator of Subsistence Stress in the North Coast Ranges of California
2010Deanna CommonsGrowth Increment Analysis Archaeological Freshwater Mussels from Interior Northern California
2010Helene RouvierIntegrating Culturally Sensitive and Best Museum Practices at Two Northern California Museums: The Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology and the Karuk People’s Center
2010Nikki A. WillitsTemporal Patterns of Skeletal Trauma among Native Americans in Prehistoric Central California
2009Arran M BellOn the validity of archaeological shellfish metrics in coastal California
2009Carrie A. BrownUncertainty in Skeletal Aging: A Retrospective Study and Test of Skeletal Aging Methods at the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command Central Identification Laboratory
2009Melinda ButtonArchaeological and Cultural Landscapes Of the Sutter Buttes
2009Erika CollinsAn Osteological and Mortuary Analysis of the Insane Asylum of California Cemetery, 1851-1854
2009Ashley HutchinsonErasing the Evidence: The Impact of Fire on the Metric and Morphological Characteristics of Cut Marks
2009Katharine KolpanDental Pathology Distribution and Sex Ratios in Windmiller Populations from Central California
2009Jesse KrautkramerCultural Transmission: Style and Continuous Variation among North Central Sierra 
2009Kyle McCormickIdentifying Trackways Using Step Length: Behavioral Inferences from Jaguar Cave, Tennessee
2009Erin SmithThe Evolution of Coffee Markets for Sustainable Development: A Honduran Cooperative's Experience with Fair Trade
2009Kendall M. McGowanThe Use Of Musculoskeletal Stress Markers In Determining The Effects Of Substance Change On The Inhabitants Of The Nan Ranch Ruin 
2009Rhea SanchezThe Zooarchaeology and Historical Archaeology of Shasta County Hospital, California, 1855-1900: A Case Study
2008William Thomas AndersonBiological Distance Between Central Californian Prehistoric Populations Based On Dental Characteristics 
2008Melanie BeasleyDietary Trends of the Ellis Landing site (CA-CCO-295): Stable Carbon and Nitrogen Isotope Analysis of Prehistoric Human Remains from a San Francisco Bay Area Shellmound.
2008Allison BouwmanThe Effects Of Acryloid B-72 And Duco Cement On The Carbon And Nitrogen Stable Isotope Analysis Of Bone Collection
2008Trinidad Lyn-Marie ClaireComing Of Age In The Museum: Teenagers And The Youth Development Program At The Huston Museum Of Natural Science, Houston, Texas
2008Jessica L. DimkaElement Preservation At A 19th Century Cemetery: Implications For Paleodemography And Bioarcheology 
2008Devin HamlinEvaluating methods for determining depositional origin of Great Basin faunal remains: a comparison of Serendipity Shelter and Homestead Cave
2008Heather Evans McCafferty The Greening Of Museums: Integrating Sustainability Into Principles, Practices, Programming, And Facilities 
2008Amy McFarlandDescription and Interpretation of Gravestone Typology: Using Four Northern California Cemeteries to Examine Culture Change
2008Heidi PiersonThe historical archaeology of ethnicity at two mining sites in West Redding, California
2007Traci L. Van DeestSifting Through The Ashes: Age And Sex Estimation Based On Cremains Weight
2007Jennifer A. HalpainAssociation Of Dental Enamel Hypoplasias And Radioplaque Transverse Lines
2007Brandon Eugene PattersonThe organization of foraging technology: analysis of flaked stone assemblages from the Thompson Canyon watershed, Northern California
2007Mangan Hanahan PulfordUse Of Femoral Torsion In Determining Sex And Ancestry
2007Melody Rose Yeager Guidance For Growth: visitor Studies And The Future Of Learning In Museums
2006Jonathan David ConnollyFort Crook, frontier outpost: a case study of cross cultural interaction on the periphery
2006Renne C. KosalkaReverse Engineering In Anthropology: An Evaluation Of The Suitability Of Modern Computer-Generated Casting Technologies For The Replication Of Skeletal Remains 
2006Tamara Lusia LeherCementum Increments In The Human dentition As A Predictor Of Age- An Evaluation of A Hard Sectioning Methodology
2006Susan McPhersonGrave matters: an archaeological investigation of social marginalization in historical Nevada
2006James Madison MangoldA bioarchaeological study of mobility and the sexual division of labor in prehistoric Central California
2006Carolyn Marie OrbannInferring Precontact Demographic Trends From The Historical Record: A Case Study Using Four Patwin Tribelets
2005Jeanne Marie GoetzNon-local obsidian source-use, Medicine Lake Highland, Northeastern California
2005Deanna GrimsteadTracking artiodactyl hunting across late period Northern California: an assessment of traditional and geochemical methods
2005A. Craig HauerAn examination of shifts in archaic mobility patterns in the central Great Basin
2005Mitchell A. KeurMetric Analysis Of The Skull For Use In Skull-Photo Superposition 
2005Nicole MasonCharacteristics Of Saw Marks On Deer Bone: A Forensic Application
2005Miriam L RoederLanguage Tourism At Centro Linguistico La Union: A Case Study Of The Secular Ritual Of Tourism
2005Christopher Ruiz Cultural preservation And Representation: A Case Study At Moortown Rancheria Cultural Center, Oroville, California
2004Jamie AbdillaThe Maternal Confidence Hypothesis: A corollary To The Grandmother Hypothesis
2004Laurie Ann EganThe Rules of Representation: Exhibiting Human Remains
2004Benjamin J FiguraAir-Drying As A Means Of Preservation For The Unidentified Remains From The World Trade Center
2004Denise M FurlongSpatial and temporal patterns of artiodactyl abundances during the Holocene in North Central California
2004John W JangalaThe family Anatidae in the archaeological record: identification, ecology and prehistoric hunting on their breeding and wintering grounds in interior Alaska and the central valley of California
2004Daniel J TyreeThe Effects of the Civil War on the Health of the United States Population: Evidence From Secular Trends in Stature
2003John D. BurgeArchaeological looting and site vulnerability: an Ishi Wilderness study
2003Alexander Louis DeGeorgeyA geoarchaeological approach for identifying Paleo-Indian and lower archaic sites in the Cache Creek Natural Area, Lake County, California
2003Erin DwyerPlant remains as evidence for subsistence change at Tomato Patch, a contact period Kashaya Pomo Site, Fort Ross, California
2003Marc Efraim GreenbergPrehistoric warfare in California's central North Coast Range
2003Jeremy D HainesEthnicity and historic Native American architecture on the Coconino Plateau, Arizona
2003Elizabeth Ann KallenbackNative California Basketweaving, Museum Collections, and Heritage Preservation
2003Patricia L Likin Seasonal movement in Nomlaki ethnographic territory: testing a regional model
2003Hideyuki NishizawaReading the cultural meaning: an application of interpretive archaeology to shell artifacts from northwestern California
2003Erin Marie PotterResource conflict along the western slopes of the Southern Cascade Mountains, Ishi Wilderness, California
2003Denise L ThomasMethod & seasonality: assessing the archaeological application of dental increment analysis using a bison assemblage from Wahkpa Chu'gn, Montana
2002Matthew R. BrickleyAn organic past: an examination of organic agriculture in Butte County
2002Timothy Ross CarpenterDetermining season of death for Sacramento Pike-minnow (Ptychocheilus grandis) using vertebral thin-sections
2002Marlo Marie Eakes MeyerThe culture of consumption and the consumption of culture: an ethnography of the Chico Certified Farmers' Market
2002Angela McGrewIntegrated Pest Management for the Move of an Anthropological Museum Collection
2001Eric BartelinkElbow Osteoarthritis in the Prehistoric San Francisco Bay: A Bioarchaeological Interpretation of Resource Intensification and the Sexual Division of Labor
2001Raymond Kelly BeckCompetition at the margins: a behavioral ecological model of social boundaries in late prehistoric northeastern California
2001Robin M. CorderoSifting Through The Ashes: Age And Sex Estimation Based On Cremains Weight 
2001Sondra HarlanHidden Dimensions in Photographs: A Proxemic Analysis
2001Gina O. HartFracture Pattern Interpretation in the Skull: Differentiating Blunt Force From Ballistics Trauma
2001Matthew David Scott MeyerChico State's Pioneer Days, 1919-1987: imagining the 'good old days'
2001Julia B. PenningtonAre Interactive Museum Programs an Effective Way to Teach Archaeology?
2001Jason Matthew WiersemaAn Analysis of the Appropriateness of the Use of Fordisc 2.0 in the Ancestral Classification of Unidentified Crania in California
2000Michael J. PilakowskiCensuses and Cemeteries in Paleodemography: A Study of Representational Authenticity
2000Ya-Jiuan ShiauThe Effects of an International Exhibition on Museum Visitation in Taiwan
1999Kuri K. GillCulture Specific Aesthetics in Exhibit
1999Sara A. KeilSenior Volunteer Motivation:  A Case Study
1999Krislyn Kaiulani TaiteResource intensification and the Los Vaqueros archaeofauna: a test of the distant patch hypothesis
1999Amy S. ZelsonSexual Dimorphism in Finger Ridge Breadth Measurements
1998Penni L. CarmosinoVictorian culture and women at CA-BUT-1298-H Forbestown, California
1998Tracy A HokajAnthropologist as positioned subject: an encounter with a Gaudiya Vaisnava temple in West Bengal
1998Kimberley Lyn HolandaUnderstanding artiodactyl body part representation at Tommy Tucker Cave
1998Jason C. Hribal Application of Critical Thinking to Museum Exhibit Design 
1998Anastasia Tara LeighSeasonality in archaeological faunal assemblages: applications of cementum increment analysis to deer from northern California
1998Laura C. MorrisGenocide, Sterilization and the Navajo 1950-1990
1998Mimi Von RotzEducational achievement, culture, and identity in English language learners
1998Nancy ValenteResource intensification and foraging efficiency at the Patrick Site (CA-BUT-1)
1998Kevin F WeherlyThe reality of a fantasy: an ethnography of a fantasy role-playing group
1997Sean M JensenThe cultural resource management program: a critical evaluation
1997Deborah I. TibbettsGold mining in Northern California 1848-1890: development of a taxonomic framework and Harrison diggings revisited
1996Kristin V LundbergBecoming a Hmong herb lady
1996Karen M. Öeh A Craniometric Analysis of Biological Distance in Prehistoric Central California
1995Michael A DugasEthnolinguistic boundaries at the Maidu frontier: a stylistic analysis of projectile points
1995Daniel R ElliottFoodways and economic systems on the late California gold rush frontier
1995Sandra Sue FlintExamining the validity of blood residue analysis by cross-over immunoelectrophoresis
1995Peter Odysseus KoronakosRedrawing the lines of anxiety: an ethnography of a codependents anonymous group
1995Patricia RafterComplying with Wildlife Regulations:  Help for the Small Museum
1995Lisa SwillingerIntra-source variation in Borax Lake obsidian and potential effects on hydration rate
1994Scott M. GingerichTodos Santos in Rio Yaqui
1994Nancy Maria Mudron GarrConsumer behavior at the margins: a study of historic period reuse in Northern California
1994Johanna L.  ShroutUnderstanding culture through fiction: anthropology and literature
1994Paul B. TitchenalA chronology for glass beads from California and the western Great Basin
1994Barbara WheelerA functional analysis of the McKee Uniface in Northern California
1993Leonard A CastroA survey of diverse populations in the Sacramento Valley
1993JoElle C. DonahueCranial Discrete Traits and Biological Distance in Prehistoric Northern California
1993Paula KenyonProvincialism or Professionalism: A Survey of California Mission Practices with Regard to Documentation, Environment and Preservation of the Missions' Historic Artifact Collection
1993Blossom Hamusek McGannWhat X equals: the archaeological and geological distribution of "Source X" Tuscan obsidian in Northern California
1993Leif F SyrdahlHmong in transition: a study of the acculturation process of Hmong male adolescents in Butte County
1992Kicking House Edward BuieMusical Instruments Of The California Indians: An Instructional Guide
1992Julie K. CassidyExplaining lithic assemblage differences in the Medicine Lake Highlands, Siskiyou County, California
1992Kathleen  CoxTo Burn or Not to Burn:  Is There a Question?
1992Kathleen D. TyreeDebitage variation as a measure of adaptive strategy: a study of three litic assemblages from Shasta County, California
1991Margaret BartholomewThe small museum:  its place under the umbrella.
1991Pamela Rao CannonTourist images and their impact on India's tourism development
1991David Edward MartinThe contributions of environmental psychology to museum research
1991Ann Marie RobinsonThe Polynesian Cultural Center:  a study of authenticity.
1991Virginia Sue Wolf Shadows of time: Anasazi use of petroglyphs as calendric devices.
1990Cathy Anne BurtonA research study towards the development of a model written policy for museum education departments.
1990Susan E. EugsterFreshwater mussel utilization at a late prehistoric period archaeological site (CA-BUT-12) in the Northern Sacramento Valley, California
1990Joyce Lorraine GraffSurvivals of African culture in the New Orleans Jazz Funeral
1990Erik Anthony KassebaumEthnography of adaptation: ethnographic study of Japanese sojourners in Butte County, California.
1990William A. ShapiroEcological determinants of the Wintu population in Northern California
1990Nihad Issa SharbbarChildren's Museums as learning institutions.
1990Bruce R. Welden The physical being and lifeway's of the Indians of the Llanco Seco site, CA-BUT-233, Butte County, California.
1990Cutris Alan WhittakerThe determination of blood type from bone.
1989Nancy J. WoodallColor in museum labels 
1988Thomas David LeonardiMuseum catalogs:  managing the data of ethnographic museum collections.
1987Krista DealThe archaeology of the Cana highway site, CA-BUT-288, Butte County, California
1987John Karl ZancanellaA study of projectile points from the East Central Sacramento Valley, California
1986Lisa Helen AglerInter-observer error in discrete trait analysis of the cranium in Northern California.
1986Christopher T. CairneyIrish and Scottish clan-families: their epic heritage and royal Celtic descent.
1986Kathleen Sand PiperDescribing American culture:  an approach through the analysis of folk events.
1985Angela L BarnettIntercultural communication in the Korean ESL classroom
1984Khalid A Al-DayelHistorical and archaeological landmarks of Darb Zabaydah
1984William Ray DreyerPrehistoric settlement strategies in a portion of the Northern Sacramento Valley, California
1984Sarah Anne HeighoArthritis and functional stress: a paleopathological study.
1984Judy-Grace Holliday-KaneChico Museum Association Artifact Registration Manual
1984Dorothy WenzelDigesting a culture: a study of traditional Chinese culture through its treatment of food
1984Eric WohlgemuthThe effects of reduced soil moisture on the analysis of carbonized plant remains from CA-SHA-266, Redding, California
1983Abby Sue FisherEuropean influences on clothing traditions in highland Guatemala
1983Juliann Elizabeth Giles-RankinAn ethnohistorical reconstruction of the Greenville Indian Industrial School.
1983Gordon RomlinsonThe Fort Bidwell Indian colonization project.
1982Larry BourdeauThe historic archaeology of Cabo's Tavern, CA-BUT-712.
1982Dennis Robert MertzGenetic variation of hand-wrist ossification in black and white children.
1982Elaine SundahlThe Shasta complex in the Redding area, California
1981Kathleen Faye Martin GabrielJames Lawrence Keefer, 1850-1901: an ethnohistory study of a Butte County pioneer.
1981Gertude E. VaughanProject the Lamoine lumber and trading company: an archaeologist looks at history
1980Linda Louise BoyntonAn ethnography of a holdeman Mennonite community
1980Elaine C. BrownAn ethnohistorical reconstruction of New Zealand tattoo.
1980John D. FurryGross paleopathology of selected individuals from archaeological sites in Northern California.
1979Joanne B. CannonStructure and function of a genetic counseling clinic.
1979Brian Michael KolbIndia:  the modernization of a traditional society
1979Arlene Bouchie WallaceComputer aided instruction in anthropology: module one
1978 Dabah C. DobrinenA field study of Navajo Community College: the Navajo way to higher education.
1978Frederick Garon DreierA model used to age middle and late period central California adult human skeletal material by molar tooth wear.
1978Lori D. HangerThe Chumash Islanders:  a study in genetic interaction as determined by discrete trait analysis of the cranium.
1978Richard Boyd Johnson Jr. The impact of tourism on the Polynesian kingdom of Tonga.
1978Diane Amaral LanePortuguese religious festivals
1978Portia W. LydePortrait of Uncle Frank: A marginal man.
1978Richard E. MarkelyArchaeological excavations in the Oroville locality, Butte County, California, 1975.
1978Djordje B. Miladenovski White's concept of cultural evolution.
1978Larry Doran SolbergStructural analysis of Korean folktales.
1978John Richard TubbesingEconomics of the Bidwell Ranch, 1870-1875.
1977Barry Steven HewlettNotes on the Mbuti and Aka Pgymies of Central Africa.
1976Robert William FrancoThe history, role and function of the contemporary Catholic church in Western Samoa
1976Mary Susan TaylorSome Native Medicinal And Edible Plants Of Butte County, California 
1975Alan Ray AdamsMira Loma:  an ethnography of a special education school. 
1975Michael J. CohnReligion of the Kwakiutl and Nootka Indians of the Pacific Northwest.
1975Margot Jeannette JenkinsResistance to culture change in an alternative secondary school setting
1975Moon Jee MadrigalThe role of women in Korean society with emphasis on the economic system.
1974Gertrude Belle HicksA cross-cultural study of women as founders of religious movements.
1974Geroge Kenneth LeiversStructure and function of an old-time fiddlers' association
1973Michael S. McKeownAn analysis of protective attitudes concerning the puma (Felis concolor) in California
1973Phyllis Ruth QuinnFunctions of rhyming play for children.
1972Kathleen Leslie BramallCornish miners of Grass Valley and Nevada City
1972Bernard H. CohenCultural evolution:  a materialist approach.
1972David Elmond DoyelCultural and ecological aspects a Salada prehistory.
1972John David MooreBelief systems component and their interrelationships
1971Duane Edwin JulienThe socio-political organization among the Hupa, Yurok, and Karok Indians of Northwest California. 
1970Dorothy Morehead HillIndians of Chico Rancheria: and ethnohistoric study