Department of Anthropology

Past MA Theses

YearFull NameThesis TitleCommittee
2010SMITH, EricThe Evolution of Coffee Markets for Sustainable Development: A Honduran Cooperative's Experience with Fair Trade (PDF)William Loker, Chair; David Eaton
2005ROEDER, Miriam LeahLanguage Tourism At Centro Linguistico La Union: A Case Study Of The Secular Ritual Of TourismCarolyn B Heinz, Chair; Stacy B. Schaefer
2002BRICKLEY, MatthewAn Organic Past: An Examination of Organic Agriculture in Butte CountyWilliam Loker, Carolyn Heinz
2002MEYER, Marlo EakesThe Culture of Consumption and the Consumption of Culture: An Ethnography of the Chico Certified Farmers' MarketWilliam Loker, Stacy Schaefer
2001MEYER, Matthew David Scott (With Distinction)Chico State's Pioneer Days, 1919-1987: Imagining the ‘Good Old Days'Claire R. Farrer, Carolyn Brown Heinz
1998VON ROTZ, MimiEducational Achievement, Culture, and Identify in English Language LearnersArthur C. Lehmann, Hilda Hernandez (Education)
1998WEHERLY, Kevin F.The Reality of a Fantasy: An Ethnography of a Fantasy Role-Playing GroupClaire R. Farrer, Charles F. Urbanowicz, Michael S. Findlay
1998HOKAJ, Tracy A.Anthropologist as Positioned Subject: An Encounter with a Gaudiya Vaisnava Temple of West BengalCarolyn B. Heinz, Charles F. Urbanowicz
1997LeDUC, Kathleen Ann (Tourism)Journey Through Time: An Audio Tour of Humboldt Wagon RoadValene Smith, Emilyn Sheffield
1995KORONAKOS, Peter O.Redrawing the Lines of Anxiety: An Ethnography of a Codependents Anonymous GroupKeith L Johnson, Arthur C. Lehmann, Carolyn Brown Heinz
1996LUNDBERG, Kristin V. (with distinction)Becoming a Hmong Herb LadyClaire Farrer, Arthur C. Lehmann
1994GINGERICH, Scott (with Distinction)Todos Santos in Rio YaquiClaire R. Farrer, Arthur C. Lehmann
1994SHROUT, JohannaUnderstanding Culture Through Fiction: Anthropology and LiteratureClaire R. Farrer, Valene Smith
1993SYRDAHL, Leif F.Hmong in Transition: A Study of the Acculturation Process of Hmong Male Adolescents in Butte CountyThomas Johnson, Arthur Lehmann
1993McGILLIVRAY, Rosalyn (Interdisciplinary-Folklore)The King is Dead! Long Live the King!Thomas Johnson, James Karman
1993CASTRO, Leonard (with Distinction)A Survey of Diverse Populations in the Sacramento ValleyThomas W. Johnson, Claire R. Farrer
1992BRENT, Maryann T. (Interdisciplinary Studies)The Nut Tree: The Evolution of a Rural Tourism DestinationSusan Hardwick, Charles Urbanowicz, Valene Smith
1992BUIE, Kicking House EdwardMusical Instruments Of The California Indians: An Instructional GuideValene L. Smith, Chair; Ira H. Latour
1991WOLF, Virginia Sue   (N. Am. Indian/Archaeoastronomy)Shadows of time: Anasazi use of petroglyphs as calendric devices.Valene L. Smith, Jacqueline Barnhart (History)
1991CANNON, Pamela RaoTourist images and their impact on India's tourism development.Valene L. Smith, Charles F. Urbanowicz
1991ROBINSON, Ann Marie (White) (Anthro-Tourism)The Polynesian Cultural Center: a study of authenticity.Valene L. Smith, Charles F. Urbanowicz
1990KASSEBAUM, Erik AnthonyEthnography of adaptation: ethnographic study of Japanese sojourners in Butte County, California.Thomas W. Johnson, James E. Myers
1986PIPER, Kathleen SandDescribing American culture: an approach through the analysis of folk events.Thomas W. Johnson, Carol Mukhopadhyay, Makoto Kowta
1986CAIRNEY, Christopher T. (Scottish and Irish Studies)Irish and Scottish clan-families: their epic heritage and royal Celtic descent.Valene L. Smith, Lowell Stratton (English)
1984WENZEL, DorothyDigesting a culture: a study of traditional Chinese culture through its treatment of food.Valene Smith, Thomas W. Johnson
1983TOMLINSON, GordonThe Fort Bidwell Indian colonization project.Valene L. Smith, Arthur C. Lehmann
1983GILES-RANKIN, Juliann ElizabethAn ethnohistorical reconstruction of the Greenville Indian Industrial School.Valene L. Smith, Makoto Kowta
1981GABRIEL, Kathleen Faye MartinJames Lawrence Keefer, 1850-1901: an ethnohistory study of a Butte County pioneer.James E. Myers, Arthur C. Lehmann
1980BOYNTON, Linda Louise (Human Ecology)An ethnography of a holdeman Mennonite communityJohn T. Shea, James E. Myers, Nancy L. White
1980BROWN, Elaine C.An ethnohistorical reconstruction of New Zealand tattoo.Charles F. Urbanowicz, Arthur C. Lehmann
1978SOLBERG, Larry DoranStructural analysis of Korean folktales.Thomas W. Johnson, Charles Urbanowicz, Turhon Murad
1978DOBRINEN, Dabah C.  A field study of Navajo Community College: the Navajo way to higher education.James E. Myers, Sarah Newton (Am. Studies)
1978MLADENOVSKI, Djordje B. (Anth-Social Theory)White's concept of cultural evolution.James E. Myers, Valene L. Smith
1978LANE, Diane AmaralPortuguese religious festivals.E. Myers, Turhon A. Murad
1978LYDE, Portia W.Portrait of Uncle Frank: A marginal man.Valene L. Smith, Arthur C. Lehman, Turhon A. Murad
1979WALLACE, Arlene Bouchie (Anth-Computer Science)Computer aided instruction in anthropology: module oneValene L. Smith, Harold Luxenberg (Compr Sci)
1979CANNON, B. JoanneStructure and function of a genetic counseling clinic.Turhon A. Murad, James E. Myers
1979KOLB, Brian MichaelIndia: the modernization of a traditional societyBeverly N. Chinas, James E. Myers, Turhon A. Murad
1978MARKELY, Richard E. (with distinction)Archaeological excavations in the Oroville locality, Butte County, California, 1975.Keith L Johnson, Makoto Kowta, Turhon A. Murad
1978JOHNSON, Richard Boyd, Jr.The impact of tourism on the Polynesian kingdom of Tonga.Charles F. Urbanowicz, Valene L. Smith and Turhon A. Murad
1978TUBBESING, John Richard (with distinction)Economics of the Bidwell Ranch, 1870-1875.Valene L. Smith, Arthur C. Lehmann, Turhon A. Murad
1977HEWLETT, Barry StevenNotes on the Mbuti and Aka Pygmies of Central Africa.Arthur C. Lehmann, James E. Myers and Turhon A. Murad
1976TAYLOR, Mary SusanSome Native Medicinal And Edible Plants Of Butte County, CaliforniaValene Smith, Chair; Kingsley Stern, Jules Vautrot
1974HICKS, Gertrude BelleA cross-cultural study of women as founders of religious movements.Thomas W. Johnson, Valene L. Smith, Shigeo Kanda (Relg Studies)
1974LEIVERS, George KennethStructure and function of an old-time fiddlers' association.Valene L. Smith, Arthur C. Lehmann
1975ADAMS, Alan RayMira Loma: an ethnography of a special education school.Charles T. Snow, Thomas W. Johnson
1975COHN, Michael J.Religion of the Kwakiutl and Nootka Indians of the Pacific Northwest.Charles T. Snow, Valene L. Smith
1975JENKINS, Margot JeanetteResistance to culture change in an alternative secondary school setting.Thomas W. Johnson, Valene L. Smith
1975MADRIGAL, Moon JeeThe role of women in Korean society with emphasis on the economic system.Beverly Chinas, Valene L. Smith
1976FRANCO, Robert WilliamThe history, role and function of the contemporary Catholic church in Western Samoa.Charles F. Urbanowicz, Thomas W. Johnson
1970HILL, Dorothy Morehead   Indians of Chico Rancheria: and ethnohistoric studyValene L. Smith, James E. Myers, Margaret Trussell (Geog)
1971JULIEN, Duane Edwin  The socio-political organization among the Hupa, Yurok, and Karok Indians of Northwest California.Chisum, and James E. Myers
1971COHEN, Bernard H.Cultural evolution: a materialist approach.Gary Chisum, and Hal Nelson
1972MOORE, John DavidBelief systems component and their interrelationships.James E. Myers, Thomas W. Johnson, and Hal Nelson
1972BRAMALL, Kathleen LeslieCornish miners of Grass Valley and Nevada City.Thomas W. Johnson, James E. Myers and Hal Nelson
1972DOYEL, David ElmondCultural and ecological aspects a Salada prehistory.Makoto Kowta, Keith L Johnson
1973QUINN, Phyllis RuthFunctions of rhyming play for children.James E. Myers, Valene L. Smith, Thomas W. Johnson
1973McKEOWN, Michael S.An analysis of protective attitudes concerning the puma (Felis concolor) in California.Valene L. Smith, Frank S. Cliff