Anthropology Department


Through the investigation of patterning in the material remains of past cultures, Archaeology attempts to understand and describe cultures not represented or underrepresented by the written record.

For those past cultures characterized by writing systems, archaeology provides empirical evidence for comparison and verification of the historic record. The archaeology program is well represented by professional and highly qualified archaeologists.

The array of archaeology coursework offered reflects a deliberate attempt to provide a well-rounded education in archaeology, including theory, current issues in heritage preservation, temporal and regional foci, as well as lab and field expertise.

The anthropology program also offers a certificate in Cultural Resource Management(opens in new window) which prepares individuals for careers in conservation, preservation and management of heritage resources located on public and private lands. The department offers a Master of Arts in Anthropology. While the MA is in anthropology, many students emphasize archaeology and complete theses that address current archaeological issues, projects, and collections.

Labs and Facilities

Archaeological Research Program (ARP)
Archaeology Lab
Northeast Information Center (NEIC)(opens in new window)

Faculty, Lecturers, and Staff

Matthew O’Brien, Ph.D., Graduate Coordinator, Director of the Archaeological Research Program (ARP)
Phone: 530-898-5696

Carly Whelan, Ph.D., Coordinator of the Northeast Information Center (NEIC), Director of the Heritage Resources Conservation Laboratory (HRCL)
Phone: 530-898-4540

April Kamp-Whittaker, Ph.D, Assistant Professor 
Phone: 530-898-6220