Anthropology Department

Biological Anthropology

Physical or biological anthropology examines human variation and adaptation in both past and present populations. It aims to understand this biological and behavioral variation through a biocultural perspective. It encompasses human skeletal biology, human evolution, anthropological genetics, bioarchaeology, primatology, human variation, human biology, and forensic anthropology. The program here at Chico State emphasizes a broad array of courses focusing on the various sub-topics of biological anthropology, including both method and theory.

The biological anthropology sub-discipline also offers the Certificate in Forensic Science for Chico State undergraduates interested in careers within the forensic sciences. In addition, the department provides a Master of the Arts degree track associated with biological anthropology. Graduate students in our MA program are provided with a wide-ranging curriculum, as well as many opportunities for hands-on training in the field and in our Human Identification Laboratory.

Labs and Facilities

Human Identification Laboratory

Faculty, Lecturers, and Staff

Eric Bartelink, Ph.D., D-ABFA
Phone: 530-898-4905

Ashley Kendell, Ph.D.
Phone: 530-898-4793

Colleen Milligan, Ph.D., D-ABFA
Phone: 530-898-6220

Amber Plemons, Ph.D.
Phone: 530-898-4029

Beth Shook, Ph.D.
Phone:  530-898-5711

P. Willey Ph.D., D-ABFA