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Valene L. Smith Museum of Anthropology

Free K-12 School Tours

Museum Schedule

Main Exhibition

Second week of December - end of May

Tours last from 45 minutes to one hour and are designed for all grade levels and attention spans. For younger grades we incorporate stories and hands-on activities, whereas in older elementary grades we build on the themes of the exhibit as they may relate to grade level standards. All students go on a "scavenger hunt" through the exhibit to find answers to questions or match visuals to objects.

Children listen to a man reading a story from a book.

Stories and discussion introduce the exhibition theme on tours.

Customize Your Visit With Us

The museum recognizes that California standards loom large and that plans for museum visits become difficult to schedule. As educators, we want to work with classroom teachers to customize a visit and make it a valuable experience. Of course, we also want to encourage special education programs such as English learners, bilingual classrooms, and any other groups with special needs to attend. Again we will customize your visit, depending on the age of the group or learning abilities of a particular class.

School tours engage elementary age children in interactive displays, activities, and curriculum standards.

Tours are free of charge!

Please call the curator, Adrienne Scott, at the Museum of Anthropology office to schedule a tour at 530-898-5397. Please leave a detailed message.