Valene L. Smith Museum of Anthropology

World Explorations Talk with Robert Jones - Should Chimpanzees Be Considered 'Persons'?

Sunday, Apr. 28, 2019, 4–5 p.m.
Chico Women's Club at 592 E. 3rd street
Talks are free and open to the public.

In February 2018, a group of philosophers submitted an amicus curiae brief to the New York Court of Appeals in support of legal personhood for two chimpanzees, Kiko and Tommy, in a case brought by the Nonhuman Rights Project. Three months later, New York’s highest court rendered an unprecedented opinion that many consider a major victory for all sentient beings.

Dr. Robert Jones, co-author of the brief and Professor of Philosophy at California State University, Chico, chronicles the details of the case and argues that chimpanzees should, indeed, be considered persons.

Chimpanzee Righs - The Philosophers' Brief