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Zoom Camp - Anime Edition

Based on the Netflix series
Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts.

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Do you love art & science? So do we!
Jump with us into fantastic futures and wonder about subjects that connect us to the world and each other. Each day will be a little different with expert guides!

Day 1 - FUN-GUS

Meet the anime character, Fun Gus. What is fun about fungus anyway? Do you want to speak to trees? Find out how.

Day 2 - Anime Joy

Kipo and her friends, the Wonderbeasts are all drawn in anime style. Learn how to draw some of these creatures.

Day 3 - Wonderbeasts

In Kipo's world mutant life forms have evolved. Do you have a hidden mutant Wonderbeast? What traits would you have?

Day 4 - Planetary Teamwork 

Kipo's message to her world and ours: To care for planet Earth, we must work together and accept our differences. 

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Camp Details

Dates: July 12- 15
Time: 10-11AM
Price: $15 a day or $40 a week
Ages: 5-13

Summer Camp schedule. Please contact the museum for more information.

Valene Summer camp information for 2021. July 12-15. Ages 5-13. Please contact the museum for more information.