Payment and reimbursement for travel expenses is made
in accordance with the rates, standards and practices
established by the CSU Chancellor’s office as published in the
CSU, Chico Travel Procedures.

Local Lodging for Interviewees and Guests of the University

Interviewees and guests of the University traveling to and staying overnight in Chico can stay in one of our contracted hotels and the charges will be paid by the University, thus avoiding out-of-pocket payment of room charges. Contact Procurement & Contract Services, ext. 5134, for a list of local hotels contracted with the University and a Lodging Agreement Number. Use the Lodging Agreement Number when making reservations. Upon receiving the hotel invoice, Accounts Payable will send the department a scanned or hardcopy; the department will then complete and submit a Direct Pay Request form to Accounts Payable and Accounts Payable will pay the hotel directly.

Out of Town Lodging for Employees, Students and Volunteer Employees

There is no direct pay process or University BTA (Business Travel Account) for out-of-town lodging. A personal form of payment must be used to pay for lodging.

Nightly Room Rate Reimbursement Limits 

The maximum reimbursable room rate for lodging as of January 1, 2016 as stated in CSU, Chico Travel Procedures is $275 (before taxes or surcharges, per night per person).

Reimbursement in excess of the maximum reimbursable rate (before taxes or surcharges, per night per person) requires VP approval on the Travel Request Approval form. Include a note with the Travel Request Approval form explaining the hotel rate.

Pre-Travel Reimbursement 

Pre-Travel Reimbursement of lodging charges is limited to the following scenarios:

  • first night's deposit required by the lodging establishment;
  • hotel reservation paid in full at time of booking.

The expense must be incurred and an approved Pre-Travel Direct Payment or Reimbursement Request form received in Accounts Payable 30 or more days before travel end date. Submit the approved Pre-Travel Direct Payment or Reimbursement Request form with proof that payment has been made. For employees, a Travel Request Approval form must be on file with Accounts Payable before reimbursement can be made.  

In the event that the reservation must be cancelled after direct payment or reimbursement has been made, every attempt should be made to obtain a refund. A check payable to CSU, Chico should be sent to Accounts Payable along with traveler name and reference to the specific trip; Accounts Payable will deposit the check accordingly.

Shared Lodging with Friends and Family 

In the event the employee is traveling with non-employees and the hotel charges for the extra person(s), the State of California will reimburse only the single occupancy rate for the State traveler; the Travel Request Approval form and the Travel Expense Claim form must show the hotel rate adjusted down to the single occupancy rate.  

Travel Packages Purchased from Internet Vendors 

Travel “packages" from Internet vendors typically do not itemize expenses. Therefore, no business-related travel should be booked through such vendors unless the traveler has confirmed that each aspect of the package will be separately itemized (e.g. itemized hotel charges, airfare) to assure appropriate documentation for reimbursement.

California Hotel/Motel Tax Waiver form 

Transient Occupancy Taxes may be waived for state travel. Prior to travel, complete and print the Travel Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax Waiver form (on our forms page) and present it at check-in. Some lodging establishments may require a form specific for their location or chain in lieu of the State of California tax waiver form.  Some lodging establishments will not honor the waiver; however, the potential savings to the University is worth the effort of presenting the document at check-in.